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Fe Maiden
05-10-2006, 07:49 AM
So, I arrived at the Galaxy Theatre @ 8:15. Bought a Majestic North American Tour T-shirt. Made my way into the concert area to find a spot. the first band Army of Darkness was already playing. They were dreadful.:hecho: I wasn't the only one plugging my ears for these guys.

During the break between AOD and the next band they were playing some music over the PA. Can I play with Madness by Maiden came on and got more cheers and screams and yells than Army of Darkness got in their whole set!

The next band was Gran Dia from San Diego. They were a speed metal type band. They were just OK. Their songs had very long instrumental sections. They did a cover of Helloween's I'm Alive for their last song which they actually did justice to.

Then finally at 10:00 the lights dimmed for Gamma Ray!!!! At first there were a lot of electronic laser like sounds and then into their set.

They sounded fantastic. Kai's solos were incredible:drool: Dan really pounds on the drums, and Henjo is an excellent guitar player as well with some blistering solos of his own. The light/stage show was nothing fantastic at all since this is a rather small venue but the sound more than made up for it. Attendance wise I would guess maybe 200-250. Yeah, I was able to get really close! I got to touch Kai's guitar and got one of his picks!!!!! :D My ears are ringing pretty majorly this morning!!! They said they would be back!!! I hope if/when they do return they play a larger venue with a full stage set/light show, etc.... That would rule!!!

In between bands I was talking to some guys who drove in from Phoenix for this show. They noticed my Maiden shirt:tongue:(there were about 7-8 others as well). They were pretty cool. I told them about this site so hopefully they will get on here!

Set List:

1.Intro/Garden of the Sinner
2.New World Order
4.Blood Religion:drool:
6.Heavy Metal Universe (extended)
7.The Silence
8.I Want Out:drool: :drool:
9.Land Of The Free:drool:
10.Rebellion in Dreamland:drool:
11.Valley of the Kings:drool:
12.Somewhere Out in Space (extended)/end of Rebellion in Dreamland
13.Send Me a Sign

05-10-2006, 06:13 PM
Just a few more hours for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!