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TOUR: Iced Earth / The Glorious Burden Tour
SUPPORT: Children Of Bodom
VENUE: House of Blues -- Hollywood, CA
DATE: Thursday, May 20th, 2004
ATTENDED W/: Motorhead Jeff, SnakeCharmer, Hecho and Unnamed Buddy
GEAR WORN: Iron Maiden ďThe ClansmanĒ Shirt
MERCH PURCHASED: Two Iced Earth Shirts & One For MJ
REVIEWED: February 6th, 2005

Southwest flew me 300 miles to LAX from Silicon Valley for around $100. It cost me almost $80 for a round trip taxi to and from the Sunset Strip. Can I get a group ďWHAT THE FUCK?!Ē

My next Iced Earth show was at the House of Blues in West Hollywood on the Sunset Strip. I made reservations at the Riot House (aka The Hyatt) directly across the street. This was my first visit to Planet Hollywood -- and Iím not talking about the restaurant.

Motorhead Jeff made the solo commute into LA and came straight to my hotel room. After wandering up and down the Strip, we picked up some grub at Carneys, a small diner in a mothballed train car. I had tickets for Hecho and his unnamed buddy, but we had yet to meet up with them. As we were leaving, my cell phone went off. Hecho had been dining outside at the same restaurant and we had walked right past them! The first meeting of Turkey and Hecho! Carneys should hang a picture of us on its wall of fame for hosting this auspicious occasion. After shooting the shit for a few minutes, MJ and I walked around briefly and explored the Beverly Hillls side of the Strip before returning to the hotel and back down again to the House of Blues. Doors were originally scheduled for 6PM but had been pushed back to 8PM. We had plenty of time to kill.

Across a side street from the HoB is the Mondrian Hotel and the Sky Bar, one of Los Angelesí hottest night spots for celebs. The drinks are $18 a piece; no matter how wealthy you are, itís fucking stupid to pay that much for booze even with the exquisite scenery. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates would agree with me.

Motorhead Jeff and I took up position on the side of the Mondrian by the parking garage because it afforded us an excellent view of the fucking freaks across the street in line for the concert. SnakeCharmer joined us midway through our wait; Hecho and buddy held space for us in the line, quickly snaking several hundred feet down the Strip.

Around 8:45 PM, the House of Blues finally opened up and Evergrey hit the stage around 9PM - or so Iím told because practically everyone outside missed them. We managed to catch a very rushed Children of Bodom set, so rushed that Alex Laiho apologized for it and talked shit about the HoB on stage. The last show on the tour, roadies came on stage at the end and threw shots down the bandís throats.

Iced Earth took fucking forever to get on stage. I was already pissed off because the train was running so god damn late, ruining two of the bands I wanted to see this time. So I did what the House of Blues planned for in exacting long transitions on the audience: I chucked the idea of this night as metal concert and started pounding Heinekens two at a time instead. I had an excellent buzz by the time my dick got hard for the Star Spangled Banner.

The set list for the Glorious Burden Tour:

Star Spangled Banner
Declaration Day
Burning Times
Angels Holocaust
Vengeance Is Mine
Green Face
Red Baron (BLUE MAX!)
My Own Savior
Something Wicked (Trilogy)
Gettysburg (Trilogy)
Iced Earth

Iced Earth did not present an elaborate show during their main set. The band just performed in front of a stage-wide banner. Jon and the other guitarist came out in Union Blue and Confederate Grey for Gettysburg. The light show was average at best.

In San Francisco, I felt Iced Earth dialed in their performance. Days before, Richard Christy (their drummer) announced he was leaving to pursue a comedy career. Ralph Santolla, IEís other guitarists left shortly thereafter. James MacDonough sent Blabbermouth a note about the changes: http://www.roadrun.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=24553. Obviously, things were going down inside the band.

In Hollywood, you couldnít tell. Iced Earth was on top of their game. Hecho and I kept exchanged looks of disbelief on the Ripperís vocals. Granted I was getting drunk and the band could have been acting, they looked like they were having a good time on stage.

After Red Baron, I dove into the mosh pit. Ignoring the little tuffles, I was 1-1-1 in head-to-head body slams. Angling my attack from below and upward , I totally knocked one fucker up into the air and out of the pit. I drew even blood with a skin head. My only loss came when my old fuck knees buckled against a guy about my own size. 48 hours later, I couldnít lift weights. My trainer thought I might have broken a rib; my doctor later confirmed I only tore a muscle. Thatís how hard I hit these poor bastards.

After the concert, Hecho and buddy left; MJ went home; SnakeCharmer and I went to the SaddleRack and had a few more drinks. I returned to the hotel and canceled my 6:30 AM flight, opting for an afternoon departure instead. Good God would I be hung over the next day...

This time Iced Earth left a favorable impression on me: 8.5 Eddies. In my original review, Iím pretty sure I penalized them .25 or .5 Eddies for the fucked up waits at the HoB. Iím over it now, so the penalty has been withdrawn. If you like Maiden, youíre probably going to like Iced Earth unless you have a stick up your ass. With the inexpensive prices they charge for their concerts, you ought to try them out.

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Two Iced Earth shows within the same week. Damn, I envy you so much for that. I hope I get to see them someday :/

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went to this one too i think. meh, it's all about Barlow for me. otherwise, they rocked:cool:

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went to this one too i think. meh, it's all about Barlow for me. otherwise, they rocked:cool::tongue:

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Wasn't Evergrey supporting on this tour as well?

EDIT: Nevermind, just saw the small mention of them.