View Full Version : Metallica -- Fresno, CA -- March 14th, 2004

05-08-2006, 08:32 PM
TOUR: Metallica / Madly In Anger With The World Tour
SUPPORT: Godsmack
VENUE: Save Mart Center -- Fresno, CA
DATE: Sunday, March 14th, 2004
GEAR WORN: Iron Maiden Shirt
REVIEWED: February 6th, 2005


Metallica’s Fresno stop had more metal potential than Sacramento because Save Mart Center was located on a college campus. By the experience of my own university days, the crowd should have been totally foobar. Man, was I wrong.

Again, I had two floor tickets from eBay and was unsuccessful into finding a co-conspirator. Metallica was playing a Sunday night in a city hours away from civilization. Even my attendance was questionable because of a cold virus picked up at one of the week’s concerts. My body felt like a steamroller hit it; I didn’t really want to drive four hours, stand around doing the metal concert thing for another five, then drive another four to return home at 3 AM. I decided to go for one reason and one reason alone. The Mickster and I left before Dyers Eve in San Francisco, and I wanted to hear the fucker live. I needed redemption.

Rising at the crack of noon, I lolligagged to Fresno with an hour to spare before Godsmack hit the stage at 7 PM. I sucked down cough drops and cold medicine in the car while cranking Iron Maiden’s Dance of Death. The bass in Paschendale pounded my weak body and it felt fucking great. In my original review, I even assigned this pre-concert ecstasy an Eddie rating - 10, of course. After standing in the cold for twenty minutes, security passed me and I went straight down to the floor. Instead of jockeying for the rail, I just leaned up against one of the back walls and held on for dear life. The cold meds weren’t doing me any favors; in fact, I felt increasingly worse.

Yet again, the venue impacted my experience. It was Sacramento all over again. Climate control sucked the metal haze right out of the air. I didn’t smell one pot smoker nor did I see anyone foobar drunk. The crowd at least looked more metal than Sacramento. They might have even acted like it but I was too sick to notice.

This time, I enjoyed Godsmack a bit. My original review on the IMBB was much less harsh. As I opened my mind up to different metal, I began to accept their music for what it was and left it at that.

I returned to concessions and nibbled on a hot dog for dinner. The biggest surprise? Not that this was a drinking night for me but Save Mart had already stopped selling beer. WTF?! While the Metallica roadies performed their hour long preparations, I sat on a bench on the promenade to preserve my strength for the show. When Ecstasy of Gold came over the PA, I returned to the floor and found a comfortable spot about twenty feet from one corner of the stage.

The main set list was almost identical to Sacramento’s. For Whom The Bells toll was swapped for King Nothing. The closers, of course, changed. Fresno got:

Harvester Of Sorrow
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
King Nothing
I Disappear
The Unnamed Feeling
Sad But True
Creeping Death
St. Anger
Nothing Else Matters
Master Of Puppets
Enter Sandman
Stone Cold Crazy
Damage Inc.

During the Unnamed Feeling, I bailed on the main floor and found an abandoned lower-section aisle seat near the top of the stairs. My body was fading fast and need to rest. I felt so awful that I remained in my seat for the rest of the concert.

There were some perks to finding a seat with a view. Again, One impressed me. In Sacramento, the explosions were right on top of me. In Fresno and from a distance, my view revealed the massive size of the fireworks and pyro. God damn, it was fucking impressive.

You know why I remained at the concert: the last two encores. Finally, they arrived. Stone Cold Crazy? Huh? What? I didn’t own Garage Inc. and had never heard the original. Next. On the edge of my seat, I prayed and waited for Dyer’s Eve. Instead, Fresno got Damage Incorporated. I got up and left immediately. Mission failed.

Metallica sounded great as always but I punished them slightly for not changing their set list much and not playing Dyers Eve. 9 Eddies for my third and final Metallica show on their first leg of the Madly In Anger With The Word Tour.