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05-01-2006, 07:04 PM
TOUR: The B-52s -- Private Show for Microsoft
VENUE: Georgia Dome -- Atlanta, GA
DATE: Wednesday, October 6th, 1999
REVIEWED: December 25th, 2004


What the fuck, Turkey? The B-52s? I thought you were running a metal siteÖ We still are but Iím posting a retrospective review for the sake of completeness of The Permanent Record. Donít worry. Itís going to be shortÖ really short.

During the first week of October in 2000, I attended a Microsoft Exchange conference in Atlanta, Georgia. This particular conference was important because Microsoft was releasing the latest version during one of the sessions. Iíll spare you all the gory details.

For the conference gala, Microsoft rented out the Georgia Dome (home of the Atlanta Falcons) and hired the B-52s for a private performance. After stuffing our faces with a ton of tasty junk food and guzzling an ocean of free (as in beer) beer, we were allowed on the bare concrete floor of the Dome in front of a stage on approximately the twenty-yard line facing out toward an end zone. After pouring a couple more beers my throat, the B-52s came on stage and played it up for a very smashed nerd herd.

Describing a concert through the dark ambuiguity of beer goggles four years after the fact is impossible. I know I sang and danced better than usual, of course. I didnít fall down or step on the toes of the girl I met earlier in the night. I didnít even spill my beer much or more importantly on her. The B-52s played their greatest hits from 1989's Cosmic Thing: Roam, Channel Z, Love Shack, Deadbeat Club to name a few. The most striking memories: that the band looked EXACTLY like they did a decade earlier in their videos and how much louder and harder their pop rock sounded in a live setting.

After the concert, I wandered into the conference center next door which the police were in the process of evacuating because of a bomb threat -- talk about a buzzkill. I considered taking that momemt to walk across (almost across) the street to CNN Center and piss on something CNN but decided to goof off in the public fountains of nearby Centennial Olympic Park on a very hot Southern night instead. On the brief walk back to the hotel, a bum tried to sell me Braves tickets and I verbally let him have it ("I GOT YOUR TOMAHAWK RIGHT HERE MOTHERFUCKER!") for every stupid fucking thing the Atlanta Braves had done to the National League West and my San Francisco Giants in particular.