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03-30-2006, 06:09 PM
Alright there is a review of this but that is just a setlist. This is the Rob Zombie concert experience. One of the best shows I have ever seen. Up there with Judas Priest, Strapping Young Lad and Clutch for me.

We were right at the front of the line for this show. I also ran over to the Virgin Megastore and bought the new Sepultura cd. So im dead in front. Bullet For My Valentine came out. They are HUGE in England. I knew alot of there songs from when I was staying in England. His vocals are...blah..but the guitar manship is amazing. Lucuna Coil came out and played alot of new songs. They closed with Heaven's a Lie, which was amazing.:party:


Dark lights. The movie screen showing horses runnign while Sawdust in the Blood plays over the PA. Then boom, there they all were. American Witch blasted right out. Probaly my favorite song of the new cd. I was one of the few who knew all the lyrics from the new songs. Rob was jumping around on these platforms. John 5 was creepy. This yellow raincoat and skeleton mask. Even without it all he was creepy. "Why don't you ask what it feels like to be a freak" DEMON SPEEDING!! It was amazing live. MAny a time Rob put the mic in front of my for the American....Dream part. Byt his time the crowd was getting crazy. I knew if he played one of his most poular songs next it would be insane. Boy was I right...Living Dead Girl came on the place was jumping. Rob had tons of charisma. One of the best frontmen I've seen live. He reminded me of Halford from gettign the crowd into it. All through the show there was anime porn, sceens from old movie trailers and parts from his movies playing on the giant tv. He then said "Let's head back to 1996" I couldn't believe my ears. They played Creature of the Wheel. The red lights in the heavy drumming parts made the song so aggresive. Then it stopped. I hear this little beat. Louder, louder and louder it got. Then I hear the woman moaning. Rob comes out and yells "Jump, jump, jump, jump!!!" and we did. My favorite song of the night, More Human Than Human. He even had a giant Frankenstein appear(the one on the back cover of Hellbilly Deluxe) They went right into Never Gonna Stop which was cool, but I would of prefered Feel So Numb. They then played Let It All Bleed Out from the new cd. Rob was nailing the higher screams in that song. House of 1000 Corpses was a strange song to hear. I never imagined this as a live song but it was cool. He slammed internet posters by saying "There was this poster on a website, talking about my new single. He said, he's singing about girls, that's so gay! Maybe our little friend doesn't like women" I thought that really fit Blabbermouth posters really well. I enjoyed Foxy, Foxy and really love the song while people hated it.

Rob then looks at John 5 and says "Play any song you want." John then goes right into Thunderkiss '65. "NO NO NO we are not playing that. Blasko you pick the song" So he begins the bass intro to Black Sunshine. Rob then screams "Forget this, the crowd will pick the song." Then someone just yells "Jesse's Girl" John 5 laughs and begins playing it on guitar. Rob looks so damned puzzled. "That's the last time we ask the audience to pick the song" John then started in Thunderkiss and I loved every minute of it. Then then stopped halfway through it. Everyone stops except for John. He then proceeds to play the Star Stangled Banner with his fucking TEETH!!!:rocker: I was like "Holy Shit!!" Then he stops and begins playing Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin. Then cuts right into the rest of Thunderkiss and the lights go off.

All night I had been screaming my favorite song, Superbeast. I was afraid I was gonna hear it, until I hear the taped intro. Boom into Superbeast and I went so fuckin insane. Leaning over the barrier as far as I could to scream the lyrics. Then I relaized what was next. The Munster's car racing scene played on the TV and then I hear it, the drum intro. Dragula. The song that got me into Zombie and his most popular one. Needless to say I was exhausted, especially after Superbeast. They left and returned for an encore, but not Feel So Numb. That left me so disapointed but I never would of guessed they would of played Blood, Milk and Sky. Probaly one of the most underrated White Zombie songs. After the lights came on and we proceeded to leave I bought a Zombie tour shirt and autographed copy of American Made Music To Strip By.

Where Zombie ranks on my all time best live performance ranking....I don't know. He rivals Judas Priest and Audioslave but not near SYL and Clutch. Cool thing is....I see him again next month:party:

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I can't wait man :horns: This will be a show to fucking remember.