View Full Version : Queen -- Toronto, Canada -- March 16th, 2006

03-17-2006, 06:42 PM
Intro Beautiful Day Mix
Reaching Out
Fat Bottom Girls
Tie Your Mother Down
I Want to Break Free
Take Love
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Love of My Life
Hammer to Fall
Feel Like Makin' Love
Under Pressure
Let There Be Drums
I'm in Love with My Car
Guitar solo
Last Horizon
Bad Company
Can't Get Enough
Another One Bites the Dust
Dragon Attack
Those Were the Days of Our Lives
Radio Ga Ga
The Show Must Go On
Bohemian Rhapsody

We Will Rock You
All Right Now
We Are the Champions
God Save the Queen

As a pretty casual fan of Queen, I first opted to get the cheapest seats available (which really wasn't that cheap anyways...about $60CDN.) I thought I would just sneak up, but after arriving at the venue, found out that wasn't an options (damn security!) So I just snuck up to the front row of my section.

Let me say...this show was just INCREDIBLE!! I know that it's not really Queen (only half the band) but I'm sure Freddie would be proud. Paul Rodgers did a fantastic job on vocals. Brian May especially stole the night for me. Not only is he a marvellous guitar player (probably my favourite) but is a very decent singer as well. I really think that he and drummer Roger Taylor could have sung all the songs, but oh well.

From the beginning of th US tour, they changed the set a little bit. Took out '39 (my favourite song :( ) but for the Toronto show only they replaced it with Under Pressure (my second favourite song). A huge suprise and I totally started freaking out. Fucking audience was terrible though. The usher and about 4 other people told me to sit down as they "couldnt see the screens". FUCKERS! One thing I just cannot stand is sitting down at concerts...especially Queen. Terrible audience, but I was suprised to see the venue about 90% sold.

Bohemian Rhapsody was probably the coolest song because the first half or so (the slow part) was sung by Freddie with him on the big screens. Lots of fans cheering for that, then kicked in Paul Rodgers. Great way to keep Freddie alive. Brian also dedicated one song (I think it was Love of my Life) to Freddie.

Besides the disappointment of the audience and the omitted '39, last night was fucking insane!! Amazing show, and even if it was pricey as hell, it's definately worth checking out.

9/10 :party: