View Full Version : Dragonforce -- London, UK -- February 3rd, 2006

02-06-2006, 01:33 PM
in one word, amazing!!!! i couldnt believe my eyes. i remember the first time i heard them, i thought "they could never play that fast live", but it was true, they can!!!

Never experienced such a rush at a concert and ive been to see a lot of bands. I lost my voice half way through the set trying to sing over ZP Theart. And seeing herman shred his guitar was amazing.

Anyway, sorry for posting the setlist a bit late, but had to clarify wit my mate first!!! My memory was a bit hazy lol. Anyway:

-My spirit will go on
-Fury Of the Storm
-Operation Ground and Pound
-Storming The Burning Fields
-Vadim Solo
-Trail Of Broken Hearts
-Solidiers Of The Wasteland
-Through The Fire And The Flames
-Herman/Sam Solo
-Once In A Lifetime
-Valley Of The Damned
-Heart Of The Dragon

Anyway, these were the songs they definatly played, the order at the start and finish are definatley correct, but the middle maybe jumbled a bit.

Was an excellent gig.

Support: Edguy, amazing but only on for 30mins, also some other band but missed them.

Also at the end they announced that they were gonna play a major uk festival!!!!!!!!!! (Download????)