View Full Version : GWAR -- San Francisco, CA -- November 15th, 2005 (Review & Set List)

11-22-2005, 01:52 PM
TOUR: GWAR -- 20th Anniversay Tour
SUPPORT: DevilDriver, A Dozen Furies, Mensrea, 5 Days Dirty
VENUE: The Pound -- San Francisco, CA
DATE: Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
GEAR WORN: GWAR 20th Anniversay Tour Shirt
MERCH PURCHASED: 3 GWAR 20th Anniversary Tour Shirts & an EP of Early Demos
REVIEWED: November 22nd, 2005

A day after Arch Enemy, my body wasn’t in much better shape and I went through the exact same debate. Go? Not Go? Go? Wuss out? Go? I went for the same reasons that I pushed myself towards Arch Enemy. Life is just too fucking short.

The Pound opened its doors at 5 PM for a 6 PM start, about two hours earlier than most Pound shows. Five bands including GWAR were on the bill, and there was simply no way that I was in condition to stand on the rail for six hours. As with Arch Enemy, I arrived incredibly late, midway through Devil Driver’s set. Parking was utterly insane, forcing me to abandon my truck halfway up Cargo Way and on a side street near a machinist’s shop. On the hike toward the Pound, the noise from the Rolling Stones concert down the street at SBC Park echoed throughout the Pound’s industrial ghetto until we got close enough for DevilDriver to drown it all out. Tonight’s show was outside, and there were easily 2000 + people in the Pound’s backyard.

Devildriver totally OWNED the crowd, and the little that I heard sounded fucking great. I have no idea what the fuck they played. The band managed to inspire (instigate) a fast and brutal circle pit about 30 yards in diameter. I stayed on the ring and crashed into a few people and knocked a few others back into the stream of moshers. Most importantly to note for the Permanent Record, Devildriver’s vocalist sported a Motorhead shirt; that man obviously has his shit square.

Immediately after Devildriver finished, I darted through the emptying pit and shoved my way to within a few feet of the center rail, about three off with several dudes holding and hugging their girlfriends directly in me, essentially free space at a GWAR concert because no way that huggy-kissy shit lasts for long. The crowd displaced them before Oderus even took the stage, so I managed to get right behind a short slave holding center rail (in front of Oderus) and use him as an armrest for most of the concert.

Set list information comes from our very own slave670 and dmentia77. I couldn’t write down the set in the pit, but their information lines up nicely with what I remember:

Horror Of Yig (Nazi Pope + Skinhead)
Deathpod (President Bush)
Womb With A View
The Salaminizer (Vice-President Cheney)
Love Surgery (Sharon Osbourne)
Babyraper (Michael Jackson and little friend)
Bring Back the Bomb
Whargoul (Bonesnapper)
Road Behind (Oderus Dickspew)
Hell-o Again! (Biledriver)
The Hell-O Medley

The slave pit at a GWAR concert is the most crushing pit in which I partake and San Francisco’s was no exception. My main concern was the relentless wave of crowd surfers attempting to kick me in the head. A few managed to land squarely on top of me, each times conjuring up visions that Blabbermouth article where that lady got paralyzed by a stage diver. I attempted to brand each surfer in retribution, as is my general policy, but only to limited success.

Let’s talk about GWAR’s executions. The opening victim was a swastika-laden Pope Benedict XVI along with a skinhead attendant. Stage slaves rolled out President Bush on an upright examination table. After blowing and munching on the First Penis, Oderus ripped it off and disembowelled him. Vice-President Cheney was next, and I think he was beheaded. Sharon Osborne lectured GWAR that they would never succeed, so Oderus removed her breast augmentation and face lifts. Regular guest star Michael Jackson walked stage with his underage corpse-child doll. Stage slaves stole his special friend and stripped own his clothes to reveal breasts and a three foot dick which they clobbered several times with mallets. Oderus just bit down and bloodied it before Jacko lost his face. Bonesnapper the Cavetroll was the last maiming, but I don’t remember exactly what happened to him. I swear two little Gor-Gor’s (little T Rexes) made an appearance late in the show, but I spent the entire wiping who-knows-what out of my eyes and I could just be imaging things. For the encore, Oderus duly rewarded us. The set list has DICKSPEW on it; just use your imagination. Last but not least, GWAR’s stage slaves rolled out the Biledriver, a gatling-gun like tri-pod cannon covered in brown crud, to mow down those left standing with multi-color streams of watery death and disease.

Pushing my way out of the pit after the lights came on, I duly rewarded GWAR at the merch booth by picking up some extra pale shirts for $20 that looked totally retro and cool. XXXXXXXX bought me one of the same before the concert since I forgot my white Red Cross blood donation shirt. That new shirt is now purplish from GWAR’s blood, piss, semen, and whatever else they spewed on me.

A few minutes down the road from the Pound is the Holy Grail of fast-food tag teams, an In ‘N Out on the same lot as a Krispy Kreme. Outfuckingstanding concerts require feasting, and I entered the pearly gates of my favorite fast food burger joint looking pink and purple with ratty pit hair. People just stared at me; it was so damn funny. The only normal person arrived as I was waiting for my food, a young girl dressed in black whose hands and face were almost Barney-Purple. We just looked at each other, smiled, and laughed.

A lot of people on Metal Set Lists just don’t understand GWAR. Let me ask you this...do you remember what was so fun about mindlessly running through the sprinklers when you were a kid? Do ever find yourself just walking on a curb as if it were a high-wire and that the slightest mis-step might cause a fall to your death? Once the rut of daily life begins to suck out the joy of life, it’s really easy to forget. Even though I am in my mid-thirties, I still have A LOT of 13 year-old inside and that alone should largely explain why GWAR concerts appeal to me so much. However, GWAR is not for kids and I would never take someone who wasn’t of legal voting age to one of their shows. GWAR is not about slaying sacred cows; it’s about fucking them in the ass.

GWAR received 9.75 Eddies last Winter in Santa Cruz, but San Francisco earned them only 9.5. Yes, they played a lot of old and true shit but I wanted at least one more execution or maiming.