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04-14-2014, 07:57 AM
"Metal Blade Records is pleased to announce that JORDAN MANCINO (drums), NICK HIPA (guitar), PHIL SGROSSO (guitar) and JOSH GILBERT (bass) of San Diego, California based metal act As I Lay Dying, have teamed up with vocalist SHANE BLAY (previously lead guitar/clean vocals in Oh, Sleeper) to create the new band WOVENWAR. Over approximately the last year, the band completed work on new material recorded with producer Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Black Flag) with mixing duties currently being handled by Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Machine Head, Trivium).

On Monday April 21, fans will get their first full listen of WOVENWAR's debut single "All Rise". While not the final mastered version, the song will be a proper representation of what's to come when WOVENWAR's self titled debut drops late summer 2014.

Stay tuned to MetalBlade.com, wovenwar.com, and the members' personal accounts below for more information regarding album track listing, album artwork, touring, preorder info, new music, videos, social sites, etc."



04-14-2014, 08:07 AM
I'll at least give it a chance. I always dug the musical side of AILD so I might dig this.

Bill Stevenson producing certainly does help things for me.

04-21-2014, 09:51 AM

04-21-2014, 09:52 AM
It's not bad, but it does feel uninspired to me.

It's as if they went the All That Remains route because their old singer was a piece of shit.

04-21-2014, 10:17 AM
"The new AILD. Just w/o the premeditated murder." Hello new band slogan.

04-21-2014, 10:41 AM
I really dig it. Sounds better to my ears than the last AILD album, which sounded very stale to me altogether. Looking forward to the record.

Travis The Dragon
06-18-2014, 01:49 PM
All Rise (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9LbKINMsTQ#t=11)

It's quite good! Too bad it doesn't have a good solo in the middle though. Nick is a pretty good guitar player and he needs to show that off more.

06-18-2014, 04:09 PM
All Rise (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9LbKINMsTQ#t=11)

It's quite good! Too bad it doesn't have a good solo in the middle though. Nick is a pretty good guitar player and he needs to show that off more.

I feel like... You like everything.

Travis The Dragon
06-20-2014, 05:44 PM
I feel like... You like everything.

Yes, I do like a huge, vast variety of music. It's better than what my sister used to like though. She only liked bands like Underoath and Devil Wears Prada and thought bands like Maiden, Slayer, Anthrax, and Metallica all sucked. She still doesn't like any of those bands. I wish I would have started her on good rock when she was 10 and listening to Backstreet Boys and Brittany Spears. She could have been the world's 2nd biggest Queensryche fan! :lol:

Travis The Dragon
08-04-2014, 04:12 PM
WOW! The album is amazing! It's like AILD with a clean singer and it's great!