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12-22-2013, 08:51 AM
This was a show called "Rockapalooza Stole Christmas" w/ 25+ bands on 3 stages.

The main band I was there to see was Know Lyfe. They played a good set. The new song "Moxie" was heavy as hell. They have a new CD coming out next summer. Check em out.

Know Lyfe setlist
Building An Empire
Veins & Vines
Moxie (new song)
Blood & Wine
The Dreamer

I caught the last few songs by a band called Elisium. They were OK.

Shockwave was a group of 3 teenagers from Detroit w/ their drummer on vocals. They ended their set w/ a cover of RATM's "Killing In The Name." That was unexpected.

A band from Cleveland called Concordia was next. I liked em a lot. Unfortunately there were only 2 people watching their set... me, and Phil from Taproot. That's a shame cuz they were really good. Plus, their singer was wearing a 3 Inches of Blood shirt, so plus 10 million points for that.

Ghosts of August was next. They were OK.

Another Lost Year played next. This was my 2nd time seeing them. They're a really solid rock band from North Carolina. Excellent live. Check em out.

Underneath It All was probably the heaviest band of the day.

As Darkness Falls also brought the heavy. Good stuff.

Devereaux closed out one of the stages. I've seen them a handful of times. They're a rock band from Lansing. Their intro music was the theme from "The Golden Girls." Um, OK. They ended their set w/ covers of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" and then "Separate Ways" by Journey.

Taproot headlined & took the stage around midnight. It was a long day, but Taproot's set was killer! Both the band and the crowd were really into it. I'm not sure why "Myself" is one of their staples. I guess it's one of their heavier songs, but it does not do anything for me. Highlights were "The Everlasting," "I," and "Birthday." This was Taproot's last show of 2013, and they kept saying how great it was to finally be home. They definitely brought the energy. Great set!

Taproot setlist
Again & Again
Emotional Times
The Everlasting

12-23-2013, 01:42 PM
Hi everybody. After this show Know Lyfe's van was totaled (the roads were a bitch that night w/ rain & ice). Please check out their Indigogo page. If you can donate, great! If not, please spread the word. Thanks!