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12-01-2013, 01:36 PM
So, everyone I knew and their fathers ended up going to see Slayer and Gojira in Lowell last night. I, however, decided to be the outlier and go see August Burns Red, who are one of my favorite bands and put out arguably my favorite album this year, Rescue and Restore. I have also been eager to see Defeater because their album, Letters Home, is also in my top 10 of the year. When I got to the venue, however, I realized how cold it actually was, and how many "scene people" there actually were :eyes:. This show was easily the coldest show I have ever attended at any venue, even the bands were complaining about it. However, the show still was awesome!

The first band of the night was Beartooth, who are from Columbus, Ohio. The reason I knew who they were was because their lead singer was the singer of Attack Attack!, along with many others in the crowd. They are leagues better than Attack Attack!, though, and they had the crowd going as wild as a crowd goes at a metalcore show. I was pleasantly surprised by their performance, and would definitely check them out again!


Go Be the Voice
Set Me on Fire
The Lines
Pick Your Poison
I Have a Problem

The next band was Defeater, and this was pretty much their hometown show for the tour. I was kind of upset by the crowd, because so many people left the front area after Beartooth and didn't know who they were. I was ecstatic to see them, having missed their record release show in Cambridge, and they did not disappoint. The lead singer, Derek, sang with such passion and emotion in his voice, especially when they started playing No Savior. Wonderful performance from the band, although some of the songs were slower than on record, like Rabbit Foot.

Defeater (may be out of order):

Bastards :D
Dear Father
The Red, White and Blues
Rabbit Foot
No Shame
Empty Glass
No Savior :drool:

After Defeater came Blessthefall. I am not a big fan of them, so I went to that cafe next door to get some food. I highly recommend it, quality food at a decent price, and conveniently part of the venue! I met the lead singer, Beau, after the show though, and he was an incredibly nice guy. For anyone who is a fan, he told me they are doing a headlining run next year. I was told more, but they are going to reveal all of the info in January.

Blessthefall (from setlist.fm):

You Wear a Crown But You're No King
The Reign
What's Left of Me
Carry On
Hollow Bodies
Promised Ones

After their set change came the band of the night: August Burns Red. This was my third time seeing them, and they never disappoint. The crowd was going absolutely mental for them as soon as they played the first note of Provision to the last note of White Washed. They sounded amazing, especially for Palladium standards. Their performance was impeccable, although I think their best was when I saw them in Providence on their last headliner. Jake, the vocalist, was talking about his family and how they came out from Connecticut to see him, which is his hometown. When they played Frosty the Snowman as an encore, I was caught very off guard because I didn't think they would play anything off of their Christmas album.

August Burns Red:

Fault Line
Cutting the Ties
Beauty in Tragedy :rocker:
Marianas Trench :light:
Back Burner
Internal Cannon
The Truth of a Liar
Spirit Breaker :bliss:
Drum Solo/White Washed :rocker:

Frosty the Snowman :eek:

The crowd upset me, though. I kept seeing people get knocked out by the "hardcore dancers" (flailers), people were getting shoved into the pit when it was obvious they did not want to be there, and I ended up getting my glasses stomped on because a crowd surfer knocked them off of my face. I even saw someone get trampled in a circle pit, stomped right on his chest. I tried to help, but the crowd was not budging, it was so packed.

In short, it was a night of wonderful performances and asshole fans. I'm also fairly certain 25% of the crowd wasn't over the age of 16, either, so I felt weird being around them. Still thinking maybe I should have gone to Slayer, but whatever.