View Full Version : Finntroll -- Seattle, WA -- November 21st, 2013

John The Drummer
11-22-2013, 01:27 PM
Thursday November 21, 2013
El Corazon (Seattle, WA)
Finntroll - Blackguard - Metsatoll - Hedon - Blood and Thunder

As with most of my show postings, this is more of a report than anything. No full sets will be included ;)

What a great show! I arrived just as the first local band, Blood and Thunder, went on. B&T has been a band that I've known for a while, and everytime I see them they get tighter and tighter. They are heavily influenced by Wintersun and other bands like that. Anyway, they were a great way to start off the night with their dual soloing, keyboards, and drummer who is also the lead vocalist.

Next up were some good friends of mine, the young up and coming, Hedon! I first saw them when they opened for Havok a few months ago, and they have improved everytime I have seen them since. They play a great style of thrash, not too "cliche sounding", not trying to be someone they're not, just playing a style of music that we are missing in this scene! Great energetic performance from them, and the crowd was REALLY into them. They ended their set with cover of Megadave's "Hanger 18", which I overheard a lot of people talk about how awesome it was.

Finally, the band that I really went to the show to see... METSATOLL. I had played with them when they last toured here, but missed their set due to loading up my gear. Was it everything I had hoped for? Well.... THE SOUND FUCKING SUCKED! :mad:. For a good 3/4 of the set the gutiars were buried under the drums, bass, vocals, and folk instruments, so it was really hard to tell what was going on.... but did that ruin their set? Naw, the folk instruments made up for it tremendously! Such an amazing band, guitars or not, it was almost as if I was going to a church service OF METAL :). Near the end of their set they did this chanting for maybe a good 5+ minutes, and it was amazing. You could really tell that everyone was just hypnotized by it. Amazing.

After Metsatoll... blackguard. Where have they been? They used to be on every tour, now I rarely see them touring at all!? Anyway, they were ok, for what they do. Still have that amazing energy and constantly moving around on stage. They played some new songs from their upcoming album... ugh.... it reminded me of a watered down Keep of Kalessin playing Metalcore :hmm:. I will say, they are all great performers, and it is really good to see a female drummer who isn't there just for the "sex appeal" no "look at my body", no goofy "duck lips" or "cute dumb faces", just a very normal girl who can play the drums better than most guys out there today! Justine is great... and she has really stepped up her game since I last saw them. On a side note, apparently a close friend of the singer and his brother (the touring bassist) passed away, so they dedicated "This Rounds On Me" to him, which made me gain some more respect for them.

And finally... the band everyone came to see... FINNTROLL :rocker:. I have seen Finntroll twice before, and got bored out of my mind both times, but this time was different. Either they have really stepped up their live game, or I have started to enjoy them a lot more since the release of their latest album (one of my top albums of the year). They started off with the first track from their latest album, "Blodsvept" and continued on a very fun and troll-ish set. Rarely stopping for talking breaks, and the time flew by! The few talking breaks they took consisted of Vreth talking to drunk guys in the crowd and joking around with everyone :lol:. I can tell some people were just there because it was a show though, because some people thought it was hilarious and dumb when they'd go into their "Danny Elfman" keyboard sections, yelling things such as "WTF?!" and "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!". Either way, it was a fun night... and ran much later than I was hoping, but well worth it!

Short Version:

Blood and Thunder (7.5/10) - Great Wintersun-worshipping local! Amazing way to start the evening!

Hedon (8/10) - These guys better keep on rocking, because they will be untouchable!

Metsatoll (9.5/10) - Minus .5 due to the shitty sound at the beginning of the set, but a phenominal performance. Check them out if you can!

Blackguard (6.5/10) - Not my thing, but Justine is a great drummer!

Finntroll (8.5/10) - Glad they sparked my interest this time and proved that they are amazing live!