View Full Version : All That Remains -- Brussard, LA -- November 16th, 2013

11-17-2013, 12:47 AM
I just moved down here from Maine a few months back and havn't had a chance to make it to a show til tonight. I got out of work at 8 and went over. I wish I had just worked longer because the opening bands were meh. One I think was called In My Absence and it was generic local metalcore the other was Amorretta and they were like A Day To Remember with electronic breakdowns. ATR went on at 10:15. They were pretty good. It's weird to hear them open with Stand Up because it's just so slow and rock-ish sounding it's not a great opener. They played til about 11:30 and there were tons of shennaigans. Phil was wasted and I'm pretty sure they fucked up the setlist because they played The Air That I breathe second and phil looked at one of them and pointed to the setlist and they all laughed and then took like 5 minutes to figure out what they were gonna play after. Phil's harsh vocals sound rough these days. Either he's tired or his voice is shot. I'm pretty sure this is the entire setlist. I might have missed a song or 2 and it's kinda out of order. Also holy fuck the guitarist that isn't Oli got fucking massive. Like Harms Way Lead singer massive.

Stand Up
The Air That I Breathe
Asking To Much
Some of the People, All of the Time
Just Moments In Time
This Calling
What If I was Nothing
Dead Wrong
Down Through The Ages
Hold On
The Last Time
Two Weeks

11-17-2013, 07:22 AM
Honestly I think phil has just trained himself to sound more radio friendly and has a hard time transitioning to back to how he sounded in 06. Im sure being wasted didn't help either.

11-17-2013, 11:21 AM
Only 5 of those songs should ever be played live. Oh well, glad i got to see ATR when they didn't completely suck.