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11-09-2013, 09:46 PM
Couple of days late, but who gives a fuck :cool:

August Burns Red and the gang proved that they don't give a fuck it's a Wednesday by packing the Granada Theater on cold November night. Showing up around 7:20ish, there was still a fairly large line and by the time we made it in the first act was already in full swing.

Beartooth bought their own brand of metalcore to the not unfamiliar crowd. Surprisingly there were more than just a few fans to the already packed crowd, with the singer jumping into the crowd and enough sing alongs and gang vocals to go around. I wasn't too crazy about the music they know how to perform.

I got a Problem

Immediately after Beartooth me and my lady shot up to the front for the band we made the drive for, Defeater. We were disheartned to find that a barrier was placed in front(the Granada typically doesn't do this) but regardless, we made it to the front. The oddman out(once again) Defeater bursted onstage with Bastards, the first single from their new album. Though they definitely stood out on this tour, there were more than enough fans to make them feel comfortable, including me and my lady screaming along to every song. Defeater even took their time out to say thank you for making it the best night of the tour so far. Defeater owned the stage for the time they were given, even busting out songs that casual fans wouldn't know like Waves Crash, Clouds Roll. Defeater was the main reason we made the hour drive out there and their 25-30 minute set made it a 100% worth it. After closing the set with a vicious version of The Red, White and Blues, we yelled out for them to play Cowardice which in turn earned us a drum stick :D After retrieving the stick we departed form the front, not eager to hear Bless The Fall.

Warm Blood Rush
Dear Father
Rabbit Foot
Waves Crash, Clouds Roll
A Wound and Scar
Empty Glass
No Savior
The Red, White, and Blues

After picking up a Defeater windbreaker, we watched as Bless The Fall came on and pleased every teenage girl there to see them. If you want a sum of their performance, watch this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5JYjLT_x1k) since they said about 91% of that shit.

Bless The Fall
What's Left of Me

August Burns Red was next. I wasn't absolutely crazy eager excited to see them since I have seen them 3 times before, but I was looking forward to seeing them anyway. They came roaring onstage, with a nonstop onslaught of their brand of techy metalcore. It's much funner when you can tell a band is having fun on stage, and they were having a blast, interacting with the crowd, busting out in a salsa dance during Internal Cannon and even bringing a kid who was having a birthday onstage. The whole set was nonstop fun and the absolute best I have seen August Burns Red.

August Burns Red
Fault Line
Cutting the Ties
Beauty in Tragedy
Marianas Trench
Back Burner
Internal Cannon
The Truth of a Liar
Spirit Breaker
-Drum Solo-
White Washed


Beartooth: 6/10
Defeater: 9.9/10 (because they didn't play Cowardice)
Bless The Fall: 3/10
August Burns Red: 10/10

11-09-2013, 11:00 PM
What merch did Defeater have with them?

11-09-2013, 11:45 PM
Their albums in CD and LP, also had some 7"s. They had the windbreaker and a hoodie. The windbreaker just has defeater on the front and the crow design on the back. They had like 7 different shirts. They also had lighters

11-11-2013, 07:56 AM
Why the hell isn't ABR playing Treatment? Easily the best song on Rescue & Restore.