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11-06-2013, 09:08 PM
I originally had no intentions to go to this show (since all my money went towards HHFF), but a family friend told me he had an extra ticket if I felt like going, and with that, we made our way downtown for this event. We arrived right before the doors opened and got some pizza across the parking lot before we went inside, and we managed to catch the last few songs of The Heroine at the merch booth for Clutch (if I recall correctly, CD's were $10, vinyls were $20 shirts were $25, work shirts were $40, hoodies were $50, and the prices were similar for The Sword). I thought they were pretty good, but I didn't hear enough to make a complete judgement, so I'd have to see them again to make an accurate review. It was about this time that I got separated from my friend, and I didn't wind up seeing him until after the show.

After them, a band called American Sharks went on. They reminded me a lot of a punk version of Kyuss - really groovy, but with short songs. They liked to communicate with the audience, talking about some shared link to The Sword and joking around a bit in between songs. I liked them a lot, and I got some merch from them to help support their mission on the road. I ran into smearCampaign around this time, but unfortunately I didn't get to chat all that much.

By this time, I'd say the venue was almost completely sold out (if it wasn't already). Let me give you an idea as to how packed the venue was: Emo's East is a venue about the size of a small warehouse, and every area except the entrance was completely stuffed with people; the audience stretched to every corner of the venue, and it even got to the point where people began disrupting the sales at the bars and merch tables because the vendors/bartenders couldn't tell who was watching the bands and who wanted to buy shit. Steam was visibly rising from the audience of 1,000+ people, and if you wanted to get across the venue, say, to go take a piss or get a beer, you'd be lucky to find people able to move (I had to navigate through the audience for five minutes to go to the bathroom at one point). If a fire had broken out that night, it would have been almost impossible to evacuate in any sane manner. It was that crowded.

Anyway, The Sword took to the stage at about 9:35 or so, much to the audience's delight. I had personally missed this band each time they'd come through since I started attending shows, so tonight was a big night for me. The Sword were amazing live; from beginning to end, these guys just jammed out and gave it their all onstage for their 45 minute (or so) slot. It was definitely worth the wait to see these guys live, and I can't wait until they come back around. One thing I'll never forget is seeing massive clouds of marijuana smoke erupt from random spots in the audience like volcanic eruptions during the show, causing security guards to swarm the area, completely miss the person smoking, who would then light up again, only for the process to repeat again...and again...and again.

The Sword:

Cloak of Feathers
Tres Brujas
The Hidden Masters
Dying Earth
Maiden, Mother & Crone
Lawless Lands
The Veil of Isis

I had seen Clutch back when I was younger as the coheadliner for Black Label Society and Children of Bodom's US tour, so I had some idea of what to expect, but the experience was something else when I actually knew the songs being played. Clutch took to the stage at 10:40 or so like a sledgehammer. Very few bands (to me) are better live than on record, and after last night, I can say with confidence that Clutch is one of those bands. They slammed into song after song with barely any breaks in between, only stopping to switch instruments, sip their drinks, or thank the audience for coming out. As the concert progressed, the band seemed to gain more energy than lose it, and they kept it, unlike some other bands that go as hard as they do live.

Around 12:15, the band gave their farewell, packed up what they could, threw out picks, sticks, and setlists, and the audience slowly poured out of the building.


Earth Rocker
Unto the Breach
Mr. Freedom
Pure Rock Fury
Texan Book of the Dead
D.C. Sound Attack!
Escape from the Prison Planet
Burning Beard
Cyborg Bette
Oh, Isabella
The Wolf Man Kindly Requests...
Gone Cold
50,000 Unstoppable Watts
Struck Down
Abraham Lincoln
Electric Worry
Crucial Velocity
The Mob Goes Wild

11-06-2013, 10:02 PM
Hmm, debating hitting up Hollywood on Saturday. I have a midterm on Wednesday that I'm royally boned for and I've seen a vast majority of the songs the band's been rotating so far, but it's Clutch.

11-07-2013, 07:14 AM
but it's Clutch.
I think you just solved your own mental debate

11-08-2013, 06:43 AM
Looking forward to seeing them again in January.. they always bring the energy and I love that their set is different every night. Looks like they are still on the kick where they are playing a ton of stuff from the new one.. that's cool though it is a rather great album