View Full Version : Switchfoot -- Atlanta, GA -- May 5th, 2013

10-21-2013, 08:21 AM
Venue: Center Stage

This was my seventh time seeing Switchfoot and definitely the most unique one of them all.The whole entire show started with Jon and Chad coming on stage to greet the audience and told us that the Hello Hurricane show here a couple of years ago was one of the best they ever played (I was at that show and they said then that it was the best show of the tour).Jon asked the audience to raise their hand if they were there that night and almost everyone in the room did (it was sold out but they were a couple seats opened up, only reason I got to go was because someone gave me tickets).So after they greeted us was when something different happened: instead of the show starting, they decided to have their "Fading West" movie be the opening act.This was at first a weird idea to me, but I quickly got interested in it.The movie showed their life on the road for the past couple of years.You saw them soundcheck, be with family, at the concert locations in Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, at their annual Switchfoot BroAm in San Diego, and most of all, you saw them surf and talking about the importance of surfing to them (the audience cheered everytime they hit a wave).My favorite part of the movie was when they went to the Soundwave Festival.You see them talking about all the metal bands that were on the plane with them and how it was a really out-of-the-box thing for them to do.You also see them try to meet Slash, but to no avail (the audience bursted into laughter).You also see them meet no other than Steel Panther's Satchel and Lexxi Foxx, which was really surprising and even more surprising that most of the audience seem to know who they were.After the movie was over, there was a short intermission, than the band hit the stage.Here's the set:

1.The Sound (John M. Perkins Blues)(acoustic)
2.Who We Are (new song)
3.The Shadow Proves The Sunshine (fan request)
4.Love Alone Is Worth The Fight (new song)
5.Dark Horses
6.I Won't Back Down (Tom Petty cover, featuring special guests that I can't quite remember their names, but I know one of them is the guitar player for Sheryl Crow)
7.Ba55 (new song)
8.Dare You To Move
9.Hello Hurricane (acoustic, completely unplugged)
11.Mess Of Me
12.Where I Belong

A really good show, The Sound rocked hard even when it was acoustic, the new songs were all really good, I Won't Back Down was pretty cool considering it was Tom Petty's birthday, Gone was a really nice surprise, Meant To Live was actually not played witch was surprising but not disappointing considering how much I've seen them play it, but Dark Horses was by far the best song of the night.They said before playing Mess Of Me that they had one more song to play but were going to play two because of how the audience reacted.They reminded the audience of the live album of Hello Hurricane (released with special editions of Vice Verses) that was recorded at the Atlanta show.They also were answering twitter questions throughout the show which was also really cool. The audience was one of the best I'd seen and was singing along to every song (even the new ones).If they had done Stars in place of Shadow and added Awakening I would have no problem with that set.