View Full Version : Metanium -- Hyattsville, MD -- September 19th, 2013

10-15-2013, 08:40 PM
Full Review (http://heavymetalcowboysteve.blogspot.com/2013/09/metanium-throwdown-syndicate-red.html)

Metanium is a local underground Spanish language true metal band. They are a little rough, but they have a lot of potential. They had their album release at Cuzco in Hyattsville.

They not only played their entire album, but a ton of covers, from their solid Helloween cover to DIO to true metal of MANOWAR.

I think the language barrier may turn some people off, but if you can get beyond that, you're in for an old school treat

Metanium (11:48- 1:20)

Al Filo de Metal
Perdiendo El Control
Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath cover)
Veneno Mortal
Enter Sandman (Metallica cover)
Sangra El Corazon
I Want Out (Helloween cover)
Allegory of the Cave (Instrumental)
Hace Mucho Tiempo
La Marcha Vikinga
Victimas De La Religion
Warriors of the World (Manowar cover)
Alma de Guerrero
Holy Diver (Dio Cover)