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10-13-2013, 11:50 AM
SAINT VITUS w/ Pallbearer, The Hookers & Lady Beast (Pittsburgh locals)
Rex Theater, Pittsburgh PA

This was my fifth time getting to see Saint Vitus live, and there were tons of highlights; they get better and better each time. Pittsburgh's Rex Theater was decently filled with a fine selection of Metalheads and Doom Girls ;) - at a higher turnout than when Vitus & Weedeater played the Rex the previous year, I'd say.

The local opener on this occasion was a female-fronted heavy metal band called Lady Beast (http://ladybeast.bandcamp.com/). They brought a great stage presence and some exciting beer-drinking kinds of tunes. I was going in between watching them and checking out the immense merch selection on hand at the venue. I'll echo what RampinUp46 said in his San Antonio recap, in that you'll snag some great stuff no matter what kind of merch budget you're on. My score was the Saint Vitus - Thirst And Miserable EP on vinyl. "The End of the End" is a great, great tune.

The Hookers were up next. I caught a big 3 Inches of Blood-kind of vibe off of them - fast & fun stuff, but I found myself watching the 3rd period of the Pens/Lightning game on the bar TV through most of their set. I do recall The Hookers playing "Satan's Highway" and "The Devil Is His Name".

Then, the voices in my head were telling me that The Undertaker's brother Kane is indeed alive. "Kane lives, Undertaker!" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzlCcm9lJr8) In other words, PAULBEARER was set to jam some sorrowful Doom Metal. This was my 3rd time getting to see Pallbearer after catching them on the Enslaved tour at Mr. Smalls and at Maryland Deathfest earlier this year. These guys are growers, and do a magnificent job. I was also pleasantly surprised to hear them close out their set with a Dio-Sabbath cover, "Over And Over" off The Mob Rules. Doom on. :rocker:

Vitus then played to a deservedly enthusiastic crowd. Metalheads of new and elder generations alike were pumping their fists, snarling along with Wino, and Dave Chandler's "E-C-F'N-W" shirt earned an "E-C-DUB!" chant a few songs into the set. In my 6 years of attending heavy metal shows, I have always wanted to bust out an ECW chant and finally got my wish! :light: Saint Vitus' 10-minute jam of "Born Too Late" is always worth the price of admission. An interesting wrinkle this time around was Chandler's massive guitar intro, where in the middle of it the band broke into a rendition of the Batman theme and then launched into "Born Too Late". A Doom Metal singalong, and a Chandler shredfest later, Pittsburgh's Doom was complete. Great times!

The set:

Clear Windowpane
Blessed Night
Living Backwards
I Bleed Black
War Is Our Destiny
Let Them Fall
The Bleeding Ground
The Troll
The Waste Of Time
Shooting Gallery
White Stallions
Dying Inside
"Batman" Theme Intro/Born Too Late


10-13-2013, 03:04 PM
Pretty good looking setlist. It's gonna be my first time seeing them this Wednesday and I'm stoked as hell! Glad to hear they're selling vinyl too, did they have a variety? Hopefully I can snatch some up for a decent price.

10-13-2013, 04:43 PM
Funny thing, I was one person away from you. :lol: I was the short chick with the glasses right in front of Wino.

10-15-2013, 09:01 PM
Shooting Gallery

:):party: :party: :party: :rocker: