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09-30-2013, 06:08 PM
Source: me
Venue: The Troubadour

This was an absolutely amazing day for me and elturtleboy. I picked him up a little before 3pm and we headed out to Vacation Vinyl in Silver Lake because there was a meet and greet with Carcass at 4pm. We got there to find there were not that many people in line. This was due to the lack of promotion for the meet and greet. I'm sure if more people knew about it, then everyone and their mom would show up. This meet and greet just required you to show up. No one was required to make a purchase to meet the band. I thought it was really cool that Bill and Jeff were cool about signing EVERYTHING you brought them that they were related to. A guy in front of me had about 30 things for them to sign. My friend brought all his Napalm Death records that Bill was on and he signed them all. Elturtleboy told Bill that Scum changed his life and Bill responded with "oh, I'm sorry." :lol; We then got a picture with Bill and Jeff!!


At this point it was barely 4:30 and Exhumed wasn't going to hit the stage until 9pm. We got some food from a taco stand across the street from the signing and made our way to the venue, which was 7 miles away. We definitely saw a lot of interesting things while driving down Santa Monica Blvd. There was a random girl spinning in circles and waving her arms around while she sang. :lol: I luckily found free parking across the street from the show, so we waited until 9pm and found a spot inside.

This was my first time and the Troubadour and I was completely shocked with how tiny this place was!!! It is not much bigger than The Echo, and that place is tiny. It was weird knowing I was going to see Carcass there after having seen them at The Grove of Anaheim last time, which is about 10 times bigger. Exhumed hit the stage at 9pm and played an awesome 40 minute set. They weren't quite as good as the last time I saw them, but I still enjoyed it. During Limb from Limb, they had a guy come out with a chainsaw. I thought it was cool at first, but then the venue reeked of gasoline and that was kind of annoying. The guitar solo skit was kind of cool, but it was very unnecessary. This is what they played:

In the Name of Gore
Forged in Fire (Formed in Flame)
Coins Upon the Eyes
Limb from Limb
All Guts, No Glory
As Hammer to Anvil
The Rotting
Guitar Solo
The Matter of Splatter

After they ended, I ran into The Colonel and we talked for a few minutes. It's always cool to see that guy. At 10pm, I found my way to the side of the stage where Bill was going to be. Carcass put on a great show. It got kind of boring at moments during the Heartwork songs, but they made up for it with the new songs and the old songs. The biggest boner kill was when Jeff said "All right, we're going to take you all back to 87 and play a song off of our first record...oh wait, no I messed up, this is a new song for you all!" They ended up playing the two songs from the first record after, but it was lame of him. My favorite part of the show was definitely seeing Exhume to Consume and Reek of Putrefaction because I absolutely love seeing/hearing Bill sing. I wish they would play all of Ruptured but oh well. They played about 90 minutes or so.

Buried Dreams
Incarnated Solvent Abuse
Carnal Forge
No Love Lost
Unfit for Human Consumption
Edge of Darkness
This Mortal Coil
Reek of Putrefaction
Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System
Genital Grinder
Exhume to Consume
Captive Bolt Pistol
Corporal Jigsore Quandary
Forensic Clinicism - The Sanguine Article
Ruptured in Purulence
Carneous Cacoffiny
Lavaging Expectorate of Lysergide Composition
Keep on Rotting in the Free World

09-30-2013, 06:22 PM
I would love to see all of Ruptured In Purulence as well, but I figured that wouldn't happen.

I pitted only once during the show the night before, for Reek of Putrefaction, and the floor was so wet/slippery that I fell immediately. :lol: After that I just stayed in front and headbanged and enjoyed the show like I was doing before, taking it all in. I just felt like I had to mosh for Reek though. :tongue: That song was amazing.

The Colonel
09-30-2013, 08:22 PM
Great show! Always good seeing you guys. My bar tab was epic.

09-30-2013, 08:48 PM
Did they play all of Carneous Cacoffiny? Or just the outro riff?

09-30-2013, 11:52 PM

Here's multi cam footage of the Brooklyn show. So killer!!

10-01-2013, 01:40 AM
I went to the Saturday show. I was actually pretty disappointed by Exhumed. I think the stuff from Necrocracy drags down their set a lot, it's just too damn slow and they played like 5 fricken songs from it. Every other time I've seen them has been a far superior experience. Carcass was incredible. Perfect sound and an awesome setlist, though I'm firmly with Chris in that I absolutely love Bill's vocals. In fact, I feel like the highlights of the set were whenever Bill took the mic. Place would go apeshit during all his parts.

10-01-2013, 01:41 AM
This show was much fun. One of my favs of the year for sure. Also we bought Mexican food from a guy with a chopped off ear. Whats more Goregrind than that?

10-01-2013, 10:58 AM
This show was much fun. One of my favs of the year for sure. Also we bought Mexican food from a guy with a chopped off ear. Whats more Goregrind than that?

He should of had the money. :lol:

10-01-2013, 12:27 PM
The night before, exhumed threw a cake at the crowd :lol: