View Full Version : The Dear Hunter -- Pomona, CA -- September 28th, 2013

09-29-2013, 12:35 AM
Venue: Fox Theater
Source: Me

The Dear Hunter played at the Fox Theater with a string quartet. The set lasted two hours and twenty minutes. I was blown away by how amazing they sounded. They changed the songs up a bit so that they could utilize the string quartet to its fullest. The highlights of my night where hearing Things That Hide Away and The Love. My jaw dropped for both of those songs. Casey rambled on a bit too much between songs but it was funny hearing what he had to say with the crowd reaction. The very last song was epic. Casey did it alone and the entire audience sang it without Casey having to sing parts of it. This was one of the best shows I've seen this year!!

Battesimo Del Fuoco (String quartet only)
Bring You Down
The Procession
The Thief
Mustard Gas
Let Go
What It Means to be Alone
This Vicious Place
Things That Hide Away
Mr. Malum
Dear Ms. Leading
Girl (with Casey's sister)
Where the Road Parts
The Love (Casey and string quartet only)
Red Hands (Casey solo)