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09-07-2013, 02:09 PM
Left With Tomorrow (8:00-8:28)-
Left With Tomorrow were the first band to play at yesterday's show and the last band to be added to the bill. I thought they were decent. The singer was high-fiving people in the first couple rows throughout their set.

No Conviction (8:49-9:10)-
Next up were No Conviction who are from Chicago, they reminded me of Great Southern Trendkill era Pantera. The singer was really intense with the audience a la Phil Anslemo. He mentioned that the last time they played in Milwaukee was in 2011 opening up for Godsmack. They played four songs but after that for whatever reason the venue cut off the singer's mic and tried to signal them off the stage by putting the PA music on. Maybe they thought he was getting too rowdy or out of hand, I don't know. He tried to get the audience riled up enough to possibly get his mic turned back on, it didn't happen. I give them props though, they tried to do one more song without the vocals mic'd and then they left the stage as the singer yelled that the whole situation was some "pussy ass shit". It was a big let down because while they were on I really enjoyed their set.

Otherwise (9:31-10:11)-
Die For You
Vegas Girl
Silence Reigns
I Don't Apologize (1000 Pictures)
Full Circle

^ Otherwise were the band I enjoyed the most last night. It was my second time seeing them, the first time being this past January opening up for Stone Sour and Papa Roach. They had an extra 10 minutes to play compared to the first time I saw them, so the two songs I hadn't seen live before were Vegas Girl and Heaven. The bass player came out in the crowd and rocked out during Silence Reigns. I got my copy of their album True Love Never Dies signed by all the members of the band. My mom and I both got a signed drumstick. I also got a picture with the singer (Adrian) and one of the guitarists (Ryan) along with a separate picture with the bassist (Vassilios), who was out walking around the inside of the venue entrance trying to sell their CD. They were very nice guys, I even thanked the singer for playing the song Heaven as it was therapeutic for my mom and I as my uncle (my mom's older brother), died on Christmas day 2008 of an Asthma attack. He gave us both a hug. I would definitely see them a third time!

Nonpoint (10:30-11:30)-
What A Day
Left For You
Broken Bones
Hands Off
The Truth
That Day
In The Air Tonight
The Wreckoning
Alive And Kicking
Bullet With A Name

^ This was my 2nd time seeing Nonpoint, the first time being in May of 2011 when they opened up for Disturbed. They put on a great, high-energy set. I wish they would have played, I Said It off their new album but beggars can't be choosers. The Wreckoning was definitely a highlight. I was very surprised they played at all though. When my mom and I first got into the venue and went to get a Nonpoint shirt and a towel with a lot of their song lyrics on it, the lady at the merch booth told us that Nonpoint would be signing later that night without the singer because his dad had just passed away. Props to the singer for still doing the show and not letting down the fans, I can't imagine how hard that must have been. Despite the circumstances, they kicked ass live though and the singer said that the Milwaukee crowd was just what he needed.

09-07-2013, 03:35 PM
This band is still around? :lol:

09-08-2013, 05:41 AM
This band is still around? :lol:

I had the exact same reaction! :lol: