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08-07-2013, 08:46 AM
Yes, I know there is already a thread for this show but I want to add a short review so deal with it.:cool:

I had been looking forward to this show for a long time. I've seen Dio Sabbath 3 times and a partial show from Ozzy Sabbath in 2005 but never the full thing unfortunately. I got very lucky that this show was the night before I was leaving for a week-long vacation, one day later and I would have had to miss it. Although the show (and every show) would be better if it was GA, I had really good tickets in the fifth row of the center section behind the pit. Andrew W.K doing a DJ set was the opening act but it was just sort of an awkward affair. He just sort of stood on a podium with his face on it and hit play on his laptop. Once in awhile he would pump his fist or tell the crowd that they were about to see Black Sabbath but for most of the set he was rather rigid and distant. Occasionally he would bring out a t-shirt gun to shoot shirts into the crowd but they never really went any further than the pit, he also threw out Black Sabbath beach balls and the crowd seemed much more entertained by the balls than anything that he was doing on stage. I left the seats to go walk around during his set and it was funny to walk past rows and rows of people with the same slack-jawed, confused look on their face. :lol: Honestly, I don't even know why he was there. If you had been outside the pavilion area you wouldn't even have known that anyone was on stage.

After a very short change over it was just about time for Sabbath to come on. Their stage set is pretty cool, with a cave-like structure behind the amps and a lopsided lighting rig. A curtain was put up and the house lights went down and you could see Ozzy's silhouette and hear him shouting to the crowd as the air raid sirens from War Pigs started playing. The intro was very short and then the curtain dropped. Of course the crowd was instantly singing along. Ozzy had a cool-looking overcoat that I think he took off after the first 30 seconds or so of the show. :lol: Into The Void was cool but a little too slow the way they are playing it now, Under The Sun was awesome though. I thought Ozzy sounded good throughout the whole show and had a good amount of energy. He seemed to be having a good time and seemed very sincere in telling the crowd how much he appreciated everyone coming out. The new stuff sounded pretty good live, and although I'd take classic stuff any day, I respect them for playing it. I really liked Methademic. Geezer is a monster player and I loved his solo section before N.I.B. Tony also had a great solo section during Dirty Women, which was surprisingly one of the best songs of the night. Also, the accompanying video of boobs was very Rob Zombie-esque. :lol: Tommy's drum solo was good, and his double bass is impressive, but he is much more suited for Ozzy's solo band or an act like Zombie, he just doesn't seem to have a nuanced enough style for Sabbath. At least he got rid of the damn pig tails. The highlights of the show for me were Snowblind, N.I.B., Children of the Grave, and Dirty Women. I loved the gig but it was sorta clear that their ages are showing a bit, mostly in the form of slower tempos. However, it was great to see some of my favorite musicians play my favorite songs and I headbanged harder than I have in quite a while. :rocker:

As for merch, it wasn't really spectacular. They had four tour shirt designs including a Master of Reality style logo one with flames from the 13 cover, they had one with the pilot image they've been using, a skull based one, and one other. They had the usual odds and ends and a couple of Sweet Leaf tank tops. They also had a really big tour poster with the pilot image for $20. I got that and it's printed on sturdy, quality paper and is quite large so I'd say it's a good buy. Tour shirts were $40 by the way.

1. War Pigs
2. Into The Void
3. Under The Sun
4. Snowblind
5. Age Of Reason
6. Black Sabbath
7. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
8. N.I.B.
9. End Of The Beginning
10. Fairies Wear Boots
11. Methademic
12. Rat Salad / Drum solo
13. Iron Man
14. God Is Dead?
15. Dirty Women
16. Children Of The Grave
17. Paranoid (with Sabbath Bloody Sabbath intro)

08-07-2013, 09:07 AM
They didn't have Vol. 4 shirts at your gig? Someone posted on their review that they had Vol. 4 shirts at the merch booth. Man, I hope they sell Vol. 4 shirts at my show. I really wanna snag one. :(

08-07-2013, 09:13 AM
I think they did actually. I just don't usually pay much attention to merch that isn't tour related with dates and all that. But I think they may have had it as a work shirt or something.