View Full Version : Cheap Trick -- Columbus, OH -- July 13th, 2013

07-14-2013, 09:17 AM
Good show. Saw a few bands I hadn't seen before. Was really impressed with Zoso....legit Zep tribute.

Cheap Trick

1. Hello There
2. Big Eyes
3. Elo Kiddies
4. California Man
5. Lookout
6. Ain't That a Shame
7. High Roller
8. She's Tight
9. Ballad of TV Violence
10. I Know What I Want
11. Heaven Tonight
12. Borderline
13. The Flame
14. I Want You to Want Me
15. Baby Loves to Rock
16. Sick Man of Europe
17. Dream Police

18. Surrender
19. Auf Wiedersehen
20. Say Goodbye

Check out my review of the whole festival here: http://www.examiner.com/review/cheap-trick-zoso-scotty-bratcher-and-others-rock-wing-zing

07-14-2013, 09:22 AM
Good setlist love the encores

The Ghost at Number One
07-14-2013, 11:14 AM
How does Heaven Tonight sound live?

07-14-2013, 05:32 PM
I thought it went over pretty well, personally.

The Ghost at Number One
07-14-2013, 05:48 PM
I thought it went over pretty well, personally.Do they have a keyboard player with them?

07-15-2013, 05:48 PM