View Full Version : Chain of Strength -- Los Angeles, CA -- July 13th, 2013

07-14-2013, 12:35 AM
Night two of me at The Vex. I unfortunately had some things going on today, so I was forced to show up late. I got there right when Citizens Arrest was about to start, but accidentally missed their set. Chain of Strength went on at 10:10 and played a 50 minute set. They played all 11 of their songs and I was super happy with it. They sounded amazing live. Way better than on the record. I really wish they would re record the songs live so we can hear how amazing it was again. There's a song near the end I'm not to sure on but this is what they played.

Just How Much
Never Understand
Let Down
Too Deep Until Now
There Is a Difference
The Space Between
Hurts To Ask
Through These Eyes
Till The End
Betray (Minor Threat cover)
Best Of Times
Never Again?
True Till Death