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06-18-2013, 09:45 AM
“Sometimes after an album has been out for a while I always get the question if there’s something we would have wanted to change or done differently and 99% of the time I say “no” because we have happily moved on! But, there’s been one particular album that would in fact echo with a loud “YES” to that question. Dear friends, that would be the album you know as ‘Viva Emptiness’…

Truth to be told, this album’s session was so full of obstacles that it compromised the end result with a subpar production, undeservedly affecting the musical quality of the album. We have always, and still truly love the SONGS we wrote on ‘Viva Emptiness’ and regularly continue to incorporate some of its classics in our live repertoire, even to a point where we notably realized they sound better on a live record than on the original studio album. So up until now, it’s just been a dream of ours to go back and drag the album out of it’s “misery” by treating it with what it so desperately has been longing for all these years: a complete re-mix and re-mastering.

This year, time is approaching ‘Viva Emptiness’ with a 10-year anniversary, so is there really something to celebrate? Oh yes indeed! Our long lost mission objective will finally be completed! The album may now take that climb, in terms of audio quality, to be right up there proudly positioned beside it’s younger “album brethren” - ‘The Great Cold Distance, ‘Night Is The New Day’ and finally ‘Dead End Kings”. We will give ‘Viva Emptiness’ the sound and production the songs always deserved by having our long time studio rat and collaborator David Castillo work his magic at his Ghost Ward studio. Secondly, another long time collaborator of ours, namely Travis Smith, will give the artwork an enhanced continuation of the original theme that will keep the visual aesthetes at bay! And last but not least, the crowning of the celebration: We will take ‘Viva Emptiness’ with us on the road and play the album live in it’s entirety while performing as “very special guests” to our “tragic idols” in Paradise Lost, celebrating their own 25th anniversary tour this fall. Viva ‘Viva Emptiness’ Fulfilled!"

06-18-2013, 10:33 AM
Also looks like they are performing it in full on the upcoming dates with Paradise Lost. Jealous.

06-18-2013, 11:24 AM
That's interesting. I always liked the album because of its diversity but it easily can be tighter in many areas. Looking forward to this.

06-18-2013, 03:16 PM
Also looks like they are performing it in full on the upcoming dates with Paradise Lost. Jealous.

That's what the last sentence above says, yes ;)