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06-12-2013, 12:04 AM
My Dying Bride – the Manuscript (2013, Peaceville)

1. The Manuscript
2. Vår Gud Över Er
3. A Pale Shroud of Longing
4. Only Tears to Replace Her With

I wasn’t too into My Dying Brides last full-length album (2012’s A Map of All Out Failures). It was a good album but I thought the band was just going through the motions. It lacked anything to really grab me and say, “hey, this is an awesome song”. The closest it got was the verses in The Poorest Waltz; the rest of the album was unmemorable riffs and songs that would be cool if it was the first My Dying Bride album you’d ever heard. But I’ve been listening to them for years so I was bored.

This EP, which has three songs recorded during the same sessions as A Map of All Our Failures, starts out with some better guitar lines and vocal melodies than anything off the last album. The guitar lines at 1:37 and 4:08 of opener the Manuscript are two of the best riffs I've heard from them in a long time. I can’t see why that song wasn’t included on the last album because it’s honestly better than anything off that album. Maybe even better than anything off their two albums before that. I've read some good reviews for this EP and after hearing that song I was really excited to hear the rest of it. But it ends there. The other two songs recorded during the A Map of All Our Failures sessions (A Pale Shroud of Longing and Only Tears to Replace Her With) are just okay. A Pale Shroud of Longing is on par with the last album but it’s really nothing to get too excited about. Only Tears to Replace Her With is more subdued than anything I can remember off their last album. Neither would’ve added anything to that album had they been on it, and neither would’ve taken away from it either. The “newest” song Vår Gud Över Er is a bit more upbeat with death vocals. I really don’t care for the death vocals in My Dying Brides albums and this was no different. The song went nowhere, did nothing for me and was too long.

Overall, this is on par with the last album. The only song really worth anything is the Manuscript, which is excellent. The rest is just more music from My Dying Bride. That's all I really take from this; "Yup, My Dying Bride". If you're new to My Dying Bride and interested to hear what they do I'd say this is a great place to start. Because it's really just them being them.


Best Song(s): the Manuscript (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENzmc3Sla5Y)