View Full Version : Marilyn Manson -- San Diego, CA -- May 29th, 2013

05-29-2013, 11:57 PM
Angel With the Scabbed Wings
Disposable Teens
No Reflection
Little Horn
Dope Show
Rock Is Dead
Great Big White World
Personal Jesus
Sweet Dreams
Hey, Cruel World...
This Is the New Shit
Irresponsible Hate Anthem
The Beautiful People

Coma White/Devour/Man That You Fear (Alternates)


05-30-2013, 12:00 AM
Angel With the Scabbed Wings
Man That You Fear (Alternates)


WHAT THE FUCK???? :drool: I must have!! I bet he'll cut those songs for the rest of the tour.

05-30-2013, 05:59 AM
Really wish he had toured with this setlist earlier this year.

Angel with the Scabbed Wings, This is the New Shit along with Great Big White World and Man That You Fear are all awesome additions that I did not expect to see return.

Supposedly they played as a 5 piece again with an unknown keyboardist.

05-30-2013, 07:03 AM
Pretty strong set, all the mandatory ones plus a few he hasn't dragged out in a while and not too much new stuff. Too bad I'll have to miss this run.

05-30-2013, 07:21 AM
Angel With the Scabbed Wings....


05-30-2013, 08:12 AM
Better than usual but still needs more Portrait, less covers and Murderers...

Edit: and Coma and Fear need to be permanents and played every show

05-30-2013, 09:05 AM
Good set but most important thing was how bad was he on stage?

05-30-2013, 12:41 PM
I would like to hear Angel, as I am seeing him next week. I am not having high expectations for him based on recent reviews though. Alice will give me my moneys' worth no matter what Manson does.

05-30-2013, 01:59 PM
Where is antichrist super star?

05-30-2013, 03:08 PM
Even though the set is actually really good, I don't think it'll make Marilyn's performance live any better, he is just awful.

05-30-2013, 05:35 PM
These sound pretty strong imo..

AWTSW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryEKFggqVKM

Little Horn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=mUiGmj_qWAM

New Shit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Qb--apfDhcM

IHA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=aDGZPBuh-Cc

05-30-2013, 05:50 PM
Depending on what the set for the Alice shows are, I might go. I want AWSW, New Shit and Man That You Fear. I've never seen those songs before.

05-31-2013, 06:59 PM
Why would you write your most relevant song in 13 years and not play it live? Makes no goddamn sense...


06-03-2013, 08:06 PM
Depending on what the set for the Alice shows are, I might go. I want AWSW, New Shit and Man That You Fear. I've never seen those songs before.

The cheapest seats were only 26.50, and that's after the fees. I think there's some left, there was a few days ago. You really can't go wrong with that.