View Full Version : Taproot -- Flint, MI -- May 25th, 2013

05-26-2013, 10:41 AM
I got there late and caught the last 2 songs by XFactor1. They sounded pretty cool.

Next up was Boy Hits Car. They are fantastic!

Taproot headlined. On this tour they're playing all of GIFT. I went to the 1st show in Jackson, MI a few months ago. This was the last show of the tour. I knew what the set would be, but I just had to go again. I mean, this might be my last chance to see them play the songs off GIFT, except the few that they usually play. They said this was the best show of the tour. I know every band says that, but this time I believe it. The crowd was awesome! They were so into it, especially during "1 Nite Stand," "Mirror's Reflection," "Day By Day," and "I." For "Poem" they brought out their old drummer Jarrod. What a show! Great way to end the tour.

Taproot setlist
Again & Again
Emotional Times
1 Nite Stand
Mirror's Reflection
Dragged Down
Day By Day
Poem (w/ Jarrod Montague on drums)