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05-24-2013, 05:25 AM
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Another Expensive show... but I paid for tickets this time. Spain Spanish folk
metal giants Mago de Oz came to DC.

Local opener Metanium (raw classic metal) was alright, they did a decent HELLOWEEN cover.

The only beer sold...initially.. was the Sponsored Heineken...until that sold out! People were rowdy, and there were the biggest folk pits that I have seen (so far), and a luchador in the pit. There were a ton of people there- by far the best attended (somewhat) heavy show at the Howard Theater that I've been to. And the most thrown drinks/cups too.

Mago de Oz sounded GREAT and IMO it was totally worth the wait and the pricey ticket. 9 people on the stage, flute, violin, keys, guitar, girl singer (underutilized, she reminded me of a Spanish Liv from Sister Sin), bass, drummer, new singer. They hit the ground running and never really let up. I was really expecting more ballads, but they played a rockin' set....man.

If you like Folk metal (tho this is not Korpiklanni, this is more of a power / progressive tinge), then this show woulda been golden. Note that both bands only spoke Spanish on the stage and there was no merch for sale (odd). So my rusty language skills only picked up about 1/4 of what they said on stage.

I also read that they got BOOED OFF THE STAGE In NY a previous night, so I wasn't sure if history was going to repeat. Thankfully it didn't!


Metanium (9:30- 10:04)

I want out (Helloween Cover)
La Marcha Vikinga

Mago de Oz (10:35-12:15) (I think a couple songs may be out of order in the middle, but this is mostly accurate)

A Marcha Das Meigas (intro)
El Libro de las Sombras
Molinos de Viento
Danza Del Fuego
Sácale Brillo A Una Pena
Brujas (I think, the girl Patricia Tapia was singing this one that started out like a lullaby)
Hasta Que El Cuerpo Aguante (?)
Quiero Morirme en Ti
El Que Quiera Entender Que Entienda
Hechizos, Pócimas y Brujería
La Costa del Silencio
Fiesta Pagana