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05-07-2013, 02:34 PM
This was my 3rd time seeing AiC. A very fun show all around. The Norva is a pretty small venue and at points I could have practically reached out and grabbed Will and Jerry's nuts when they were standing right in front of me. :lol: This show had been sold out for months so the place was packed and the band seemed to be having a lot of fun. I saw them get off their hotel shuttle bus and walk in the venue (we had early entry passes for eating at a restaurant attached to the venue before the show so we went in through the backstage entrance), they stopped for a second and waved to everybody. A few minutes later when we were let in Mike Inez was just chilling and talking to people as they came in. He told me he liked my Rush shirt.:D

The crowd was pretty relaxed during the show although there was a good amount of singing being done. There was exactly one crowd surfer all night. :lol: The band really didn't have a stageshow to speak of at all but the venue was probably too small for any of their stuff. After the encore I got a pick from Will and Jerry. They both handed them right too me which was cool even though they personally handed them out to like 30 other people too. My favorite songs of the night were Nutshell, We Die Young, Would?, Down in a Hole, and No Excuses. Sean Kinney was pretty awesome to watch, I dig his playing style. My brother caught one of his wristbands at the end. They didn't do Heaven Beside You which was kind of a bummer. The two new songs sounded pretty good, I'm excited for the new album.

Rush played about a half hour down the road this same night. Which totally sucks because I would have loved to see them too but I went to see them in Raleigh two nights before just so I wouldn't have to really choose between AiC and Rush, I just did both!:D One weird thing was that they played Subdivisions over the PA at 7:40 which was more than likely the song Rush was playing at that exact moment down the street. Unexpectedly ran into someone that I graduated with last year on the rail, strange but pretty cool. She seemed to really enjoy the show.

Oh, and Monstro was really boring. And Troy's brother looks like a dirty mix between Chris Adler and Troy. :lol:

Them Bones
Dam That River
Rain When I Die
Check My Brain
It Ain't Like That
Your Decision
Got Me Wrong
Last of My Kind
Down in a Hole
We Die Young
Man in the Box
No Excuses

05-08-2013, 06:03 PM
nice review. these sets just kick ass. sorry you didn't get heaven beside you though.