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05-03-2013, 10:59 PM
Second night of the second leg of Clutch's tour supporting the Earth Rocker album. The first band up was Lionize and they were pretty good. I was really excited that The Sword was opening and they were awesome as usual. Really cool they opening with "The Sundering" as the into. I always liked that song as a good way to kick off a show or an album or whatnot. The new material sounded great as well. I even caught a drumstick!
It was my first time seeing Clutch and they did not disappoint. I only heard good stuff about their live show and it definitely met expectations. They played for almost 2 hours I think and basically all of the new album, Earth Rocker, and a lot from Blast Tyrant which I was happy about. On a side note, some girl either fell on her head or (what I think) had her earring somehow ripped out and was gushing blood from the side of her head. She had to be lifted over the rail and taken for medical help by security but some poor security guard who grabbed her over the rail got her blood ALL over his shirt. The dude was covered! He didn't look too pleased haha. Anyway, the show was great, the crowd was into it the whole time. Awesome, fun night! Here's the sets:

The Sword
The Sundering
Veil Of Isis
Cloak Of Feathers
Tres Brujas
To Take The Black
Barael's Blade
Seven Sisters
Freya/Cheap Sunglasses (ZZ Top cover)

Earth Rocker
Book, Saddle, & Go
Cyborg Bette
The Mob Goes Wild
Profits Of Doom
D.C. Sound Attack!
Mice And Gods
Cypress Grove
The Regulator
Oh, Isabella
The Wolfman Kindly Requests..
Gone Cold
The Face
The Yeti
Texan Book Of The Dead
Electric Worry
One Eyed Dollar
Crucial Velocity
Burning Beard

Happy Bunny
05-06-2013, 06:12 AM
At 2:30 a dude goes over the rail....he slams into the girl and she hit the rail. Next you see the guard pull her out and then he has blood on him.

I was on the third floor and saw it from above.