View Full Version : Slayer -- New York, NY -- June 17th, 1998

05-02-2013, 06:34 PM
In honor of Jeff and Slayer I will post a couple of Slayer setlists I discovered aren't on here. This one is extra special, it's my first ever Slayer show. System Of A Down opened when no one knew who they were and got booed right off the stage (figuratively). Clutch also opened. I even still have a Diabolus In Musica cassette sampler. Thank you Jeff, I would see Slayer 14 more times after this show, all amazing and memorable.

Hell Awaits
Spirit In Black
War Ensemble
Stain Of Mind
South Of Heaven
Raining Blood
Altar Of Sacrifice
Jesus Saves
Captor Of Sin
Black Magic
Dead Skin Mask
Die By The Sword
Death’s Head
Chemical Warfare
Mandatory Suicide
Angel Of Death


05-02-2013, 07:18 PM
I turned six while Slayer was playing! :party:

05-02-2013, 07:29 PM
That's a pretty damn good Slayer set! :rocker:

05-02-2013, 07:30 PM
I like that the SOAD song is the clean version. :lol:

05-02-2013, 07:33 PM
That's a pretty damn good Slayer set! :rocker:

I actually liked the 9/11/98 set better because it was more varied and it had Gemini :lovedup:

But this definitely did the trick for being a virgin.

05-02-2013, 07:42 PM
That's a pretty damn good Slayer set! :rocker:

It sure is! I'd see that in a heart beat. Even with the crappy DIM songs.

05-03-2013, 12:35 AM
DIM is an extremely underrated album imho.