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05-01-2013, 05:30 AM
Sorry I'm a few days late but I wasn't able to do this till now.

I had been awaiting this day for the last two months ever since they released the lineup, we had media coverage for this show so our tickets were free, the gates didn't open till 11AM but at 10AM they gave us with media coverage our laminates and let us in, and so for the next hour and a half we just mapped out the venue. And finally at 11:30 the first band of the day Down Theory started.

This band really impressed me, Down Theory had a sort of Sevendust/Nonpoint vibe to them, what was most impressive was even though it was early and they only had around 30 people tops watching them, they were able to keep everyone moving, they also did a cover of "Unsung" by Helmet, they were a great way to start off the day, go check them out. Up next was the band Manna Zen.

I had up until then never heard of this band, they had a thick nu-metal sound, the music itself was great but i couldn't really get into the vocals, the crowd seem to like them a lot though, the singer at one point jumped into the crowd and was trying to get the crowd moving, which they did for a little while, all in all I wasn't really that impressed, it wasn't awful though. After they finished we walked around for a bit and got something to drink and around 1 we headed back over to the stage for Hell Or Highwater.

Hell Or Highwater had a decent sized crowd and most of them sang along to every song they played, their energy was great, at one point their singer got into the crowd and walked to the people in the back laying on towels and he layed next to them and posed for a picture while he was still singing, and then he went around giving lots of high fives until the song ended and he went and got back on stage, overall a very fun set.

1)Crash & Burn
2)Gimme Love
3)Pretty Penny
4)The Boxer
5)Hail Mary
6)Go Alone
7)We All Want To Go Home

After Hell Or Highwater finished we headed over to the main stage to wait for All That Remains to go on stage, but when we got their In This Moment had just started and so we watched them while waiting for ATR, not much to say about ITM, I'm not a fan of theirs at all and I don't understand the appeal in Maria Brink, but to each their own I guess, here's the setlist for those who care.

1)Rise With Me
6)The Beast Within

And now it was time for All That Remains, this was my 4th time seeing them and I always enjoy it, if you've ever seen them live you know what to expect, their sound was great, but they could have moved around a bit more.

1)Some Of The People, All Of The Time
2)Stand Up
3)Down Through The Ages
4)Forever In Your Hands
5)Asking To Much
6)The Last Time
7)This Calling
8)Hold On
9)Two Weeks

And apparently Phil really hurt his foot, because we saw him walking with crutches back stage after their performance. After ATR we headed back to do our interview with Jerry and Tony of Papa Roach, the interview went great, I'll post it later. And when we were walking back outside after the interview, there was a curtain to our right, and i looked over and realized it was Jim Root and Wes Borland having a conversation, which i thought was pretty cool. and we sat down and took a short break, and then headed over to see Whitechapel.

This was my 3rd time seeing WC and it still blows my mind to see what comes out of such a small guy, Phil Bozeman is by far one of the best vocalists in their genre, I think WC unfairly get cast aside and labeled "deathcore" just because they have breakdowns, if you see them live there is no question they are borderline death metal, especially now. Their set was sound and intense, they're always worth checking out live.

1)I, Dementia
2)Section 8
3)Possibilities Of An Impossible Existance
4)The Darkest Days Of Man
6)Vicer Exciser
7)This Is Exile

After WC we went and did our interviews with Farewell 2 Fear and with Escape The Fate, we were suppose to interview Gemini Syndrome as well but they never showed :confused:

While we were waiting backstage Halestorm were playing, though I couldn't actually see them I heard the whole set.

1)Freak Like Me
2)Love Bites (So Do I)
3)It's Not You
4)Rock Show
5)Break In
6)A Familiar Taste Of Poison
7)Drum Solo
8)Mz Hyde
9)I Get Off
10)Here's To Us
11)I Miss The Misery

After we finished our interviews we headed back and Bullet For My Valentine started up, we were really there to see Papa Roach after them but watched B4MV while we waited.

1)Breaking Point
2)Your Betrayal
3)Waking The Demon
5)4 Words To Choke Upon
6)Temper, Temper
7)Tears Don't Fall
8)Dirty Little Secret (w/ Lzzy Hale)
9)Scream Aim Fire

Papa Roach made the crowd wait a little longer than expected but it was worth it, I used to be a huge fan of their first 3 albums and so seeing them now for the first time was very nostalgic, their energy and connection with the crowd was great, the sound was perfect and at one point Jacoby went crowd surfing.

1)Still Swingin'
2)Between Angels And Insects
3)Where Did the Angels Go?
5)Before I Die
7)To Be Loved
8)Getting Away With Murder
11)Last Resort

After PR finished we headed back to do an interview with All That Remains, we waiting for 20 or so minutes and they never showed, we were beyond pissed, especially since we had seen them back there several times earlier doing other interviews, but whatever, the interviews we got were great so I'm not complaining.

We watched a few songs from Three Days Grace and then decided we had had enough, I had been sick all week and was still feeling like crap, I had really bad sunburn and was feeling miserable, so we ended up leaving, and yes I hate myself for leaving before Alice In Chains played, but there was no way I could have taken 5 more hours of it, they were the only band I still wanted to see, but hopefully I'll get another chance to see them

Hell Or Highwater






All That Remains








05-01-2013, 06:18 AM
The only thing I don't really understand...Why on earth is Whitechapel on a hard rock bill with bands like BFMV, Papa Roach, ITM, etc...

05-01-2013, 10:26 AM
The only thing I don't really understand...Why on earth is Whitechapel on a hard rock bill with bands like BFMV, Papa Roach, ITM, etc...

To bring in the core kids, it was more than obvious a lot of people were there specifically for WC.

05-01-2013, 01:01 PM
cool review, thanks for sharing... I like the sets from the bands, and hope I get something similar from some of them at Rock on the range.

05-01-2013, 01:53 PM
Sat through all that and didn't even see AiC?

05-01-2013, 02:02 PM
Should have just showed up late, didn't you miss Stone Sour as well?

05-01-2013, 03:14 PM
To bring in the core kids, it was more than obvious a lot of people were there specifically for WC.

Who shows up to a festival for one band that isn't even a headliner? Oh yeah core kids that probably have mommy and daddy paying for their tix. I've seen them show up to shows, watch the first band play a 20-25 minute set, and leave. What a fucking waste of time/money.... END RANT.

05-01-2013, 03:21 PM
I understand ATR doesn't wanna play much from the early stuff but man...

05-02-2013, 12:10 AM
Sat through all that and didn't even see AiC?

I was sick, I shouldn't have even gone but i had to get the interviews.