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04-26-2013, 02:49 PM
Went up to Rapids Theater in the Falls for this show. Due to lack of interest, a couple of weeks ago this show was announced free. I don't know if this was the case anywhere else or just our neck of the woods. If you had already bought a ticket you could get a refund or a bought one, get one for Device, which I would venture to guess is having weak sales too. Personally I would be all for the refund. By my estimation only about 200 people or so. I know its not the 90s where they had a better following, but the low turnout surprises me.

We got there right in time for Kobra and the Lotus. I haven't heard anything from them before. I was plesently surprised. Really good band. I wasn't expecting an attractive blonde to come out, belting out to some traditional sounding metal. A great strong voice. The guitar players were trading off solos. Good hooks. Good way to start the show off.

Next up was Hate Eternal. They just weren't doing it for me. I didn't hate them or anything. Just couldn't get into them. About 3 or 4 songs in we went outside.

Fear Factory was up. This was my fourth time seeing them over the years. Most of the crowd moved up closer to the stage. The crowd was into it from beginning to end. Anyone who's seen them live knows they kick ass. That signature thundering percussion just feels like a train rolling through the room. There were some good pits going until security toned it down because some girl got wiped out twice and there were other innocent victims, including myself. Doesn't bother me though. Its a metal show and shit happens. Burton was somewhat chatty. He talked about how it was their first time in the Falls and hope it won't be the last and how it was their eighth show of about 50. They've been doing basically the same stuff for a while, but I like the set. I like that they end with the Demanufacture songs. That stuff got the best reaction of the night. Good fun show.

Fear Factory:
1. The Industrialist
2. Shock
3. Edgecrusher
4. What Will Become?
5. Linchpin
6. Powershifter
7. Fear Campaign
8. Recharger
9. Resurrection
10. Martyr
11. Leechmaster
12. Scumgrief
13. Demanufacture
14. Self Bias Resistor
15. Zero Signal
16. Replica

04-26-2013, 10:44 PM
I can't believe the lack of response Fear Factory is getting these days either. Yes, their last album wasn't good but you'd think after twenty plus years they'd have a bigger following.

Didn't someone post here awhile back that they were at a recent show and there were less than a hundred people there?

That said; I'm not going to see them on this tour because the show is on a night I have to work. But I was all set to go to Shockwave last year and if they played on a night I wasn't working I'd be there.

04-27-2013, 04:27 PM
I got an e-mail late last week about this show being free. Unfortunately, I work on tuesday evening's otherwise I would've gone. The problem isn't so much that their following has fallen off, there's no doubt it has. But the venue they played here fits at least 2,000. Their tour promoter/bookers might be the a big part of the problem as well. There's no way now that Fear Factory can draw that many people on their own without more well known support bands. I have no clue as to why they would book this venue? There are two venues here in downtown Buffalo they could've played. The town ballroom fits about 1,000 and that would've been much better for them. Not to mention with the venue being in downtown people could've got to the concert easier.

The rapids theater is a great venue and they've gotten some really good, high profile shows there over the last year like Megadeth, Lamb Of God, BLS and Stone Sour. Volbeat is playing there next month. The problem is people aren't willing to make the extra effort to all the way up to the wasteland known as downtown Niagara Falls, NY unless it's a band that is very well known. The radio doesn't play Fear Factory around here. So even with the show being free, they weren't gonna get too many people to go up there because most regular folks around here don't have any idea who they are.