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04-17-2013, 07:07 AM
Venue: Club Soda
Opening bands: Hey Sugar, Bloodnstuff
Tour: The Action Is Go Tour 2013

I'm at school right now, so not time for a real review, but here's the set. I missed local openers Hey Sugar due to having classes up until 8:30, but I managed to catch the supporting touring band: Bloodnstuff. The duo played really good emotional stoner/blues rock. The riffs were catchy and the guitarist had an incredible voice. Although the song structures could have often been better, I really enjoyed their performance.

By the time Fu Manchu came on, my expections concerning the turn out of the show on a tuesday evening were fortunately defeated. The 1000 people capacity venue wasn't fully packed, but it was pretty full (I originally thought it would be empty, since they played here last year). The crowd was mostly composed of older rockers that probably grew up in the 90's, that were in their 30s. I was up front, partying with the few younger people that came. We actually managed to start up a lot of big, fun pits. Fu Manchu totally rocked the place; their extremely catchy party stoner rock songs were perfect for a live setting and the guitar tones were just mindblowing. The heavier stoner/doom moments were crushing too, especially in "Grendel, Snowman". After they finished playing The Action Is Go in its entirety, they left the stage, but they quickly came back to the insisting screams and chants of the crowd. They asked us what songs we wanted to hear and proceeded to play the three requested songs listed as the encore. I then went back home, because I had class at 8 pm the morning after. Fu Manchu give an immensely fun show; if you get the opportunity to see them, don't waste it. I already regret missing the In Search of... tour enough, I won't be missing another one for sure!

Fu Manchu

Evil Eye
The Action Is Go
Burning Road
Trackside Hoax
Unknown World
Grendel, Snowman
Strolling Astronomer
Saturn III
Nothing Done (SSD cover)


Eatin' Dust
Wierd Beard
King of the Road

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So good!

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This "older rocker" can't wait for next Tuesday...

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This "older rocker" can't wait for next Tuesday...

Not saying you're an old bastard. I was just comparing to myself ;)

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I actually have a guitar petal to get the perfect Fu Manchu tone (http://www.jimdunlop.com/product/m103-blue-box-octave-fuzz). It's got to be the nastiest petal that I own, and also one of the most useless unless you're playing Fu Manchu songs, but it's cool.

If you cranked the one dial up to full you got the rudest farting noises out of your guitar and random NES music.

04-18-2013, 04:31 AM
If you cranked the one dial up to full you got the rudest farting noises out of your guitar and random NES music.


Awesome! I've managed to get my Line 6 to produce a tone similar to theirs, but getting it as rough as they do probably requires a pedal like this one.