View Full Version : Fleetwood Mac -- Washington, D.C. -- April 9th, 2013

04-12-2013, 06:15 PM
1. Second Hand News
2. The Chain
3. Dreams
4. Sad Angel
5. Rhiannon
6. Not That Funny
7. Tusk
8. Sisters of the Moon
9. Sara
10. Big Love
11. Landslide
12. Never Going Back Again
13. Without You
14. Gypsy
15. Eyes of the World
16. Gold Dust Woman
17. I'm So Afraid
18. Stand Back
19. Go Your Own Way
20. World Turning
21. Don't Stop
22. Silver Springs
23. Say Goodbye

Really good show. I went with my girlfriend and we sat in the nosebleeds (a first!) but the view really wasn't too bad. Sound was nice and loud as well. This was my first time seeing Mac and I really enjoyed the performance. The highlights of the night were Go Your Own Way, Silver Springs, I'm So Afraid, Landslide and Not That Funny. Not That Funny was a highlight because it was hilarious, Lindsay was just screaming throughout the whole thing, reminded me of a death metal show. :lol: Speaking of Lindsay, he was on fire. Great vocals, strong stage presence, awesome playing. His solo section of I'm So Afraid was just as good as most heavier style players I've seen do extended solos. Stevie sounded good for her age despite being just abit nasally. They both talked a lot to the audience which I always enjoy. The new song, Sad Angel, sounded pretty good. Never going Back Again was kind of a bummer because Lindsay played it really slow and it just sounded weird. Say Goodbye is also the strangest closer I've ever seen. No energy, just a little acoustic number that doesn't even have drums. Weird decision to do that one last.

The crowd was pretty much what I expected, old people in khakis and dress shirts. I wore a Maiden shirt but I was one of about 10 or so people I saw the whole night in a band shirt haha. Merch wasn't all that but I picked up a pretty cool tour poster. Although the show was very expensive, I'd like to go see them again with better seats because they do put on a very energetic and pretty lengthy show.

Fun night.

04-12-2013, 06:58 PM
I'm So Afraid is the highlight of the show. One of my favorite pieces of music ever written.

They're here next Thursday. I hope I can scrounge up the money to go.

04-12-2013, 08:58 PM
Nice set! I'll be seeing them in about two weeks or so with my mom, hopefully she enjoys the set as well. :D

04-13-2013, 02:25 AM
The Rick Turner Model 1, what a beast of a guitar. I'm pretty sure it can be used for hardrock/metal as well.


Say Goodbye is a nice song, but they should really, really play Thrown Down.

04-13-2013, 03:08 AM
Lindsey Buckingham is, to me, right at the top of the Officially Underrated Guitarists List, right alongside Brad Whitford! He has always been a favorite of mine.

I was on the fence about going, but all the reviews have been good, so I was able to score a first row balcony seat in Boston Thursday, so there ya go!

04-13-2013, 08:21 PM
I would see this in Vancouver but Hypocrisy/Aborted/Krisiun is the same night.