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02-24-2013, 10:24 AM
Another show put on by Poor Kids Radio at the Key Club, meaning the lineup kicked ass, but the crowd themselves was full of drunk morons and asshole thrash babies. Henry from Witchaven was kind enough to hook me up for this show, but when I got to the box office, I was told that their guest list was half-price. turtle ran into the same thing, I have never heard of a venue charging people on a guest list before. Lerby from Witchaven later told me that the Key Club were gonna force the bands to give them a cut of any merch revenue, so Witchaven didn't bother to bring any. Screw the Sunset Strip venues, every single one of them.

First band up was The Glory Stompers. They were basically hard rock, and the music wasn't actually super terrible, but the singer was one of the most annoying and obnoxious people I've ever seen. They were basically a pre-sale buy on band, so Poor Kids couldn't be faulted for their presence on the bill. Next was Addictive Suicide, who were a new thrash band made up of older dudes. They were okay, no idea if those guys are veterans from the scene or just random 40-somethings.

First of the really good bands was Witchaven. They fucked the place up like usual, they're one of the most reliable live bands around. The crowd went ballistic for them, which made me really happy. They played a new song, Homeless, which had a NWOBHM on crack vibe. Another killer Witchaven set, I can imagine in ten years or so they'll be known as the band that can do no wrong.

1. Terrorstorm
2. Blasphemous Cunt
3. Black Thrash Assault
4. Unholy Copulation
5. Homeless
6. Empty Chasm

Wehrmacht was next. They're one of those old crossover bands that reunited a few years back and play the occasional show. They were a lot of fun, and this had to have been the most stage diving I've ever seen at a show. Literally every second a kid would go flying. Also Scott Peterson came out to help do a Cryptic Slaughter cover, Money Talks, which was real cool as well. This is from their printed setlist, I'm fairly sure it's accurate. Impala is a new song, which was more traditionally thrashy instead of crossover. Fast as a Shark was listed, but I don't remember it being played, although they might have done like 15 second version of it that I didn't notice or something.

1. Shark Attack
2. You Broke My Heart (So I Broke Your Face)
3. Gore Flix
4. Drink Beer, Be Free
5. Radical Dissection
6. Napalm Shower
7. Suck My Dick
8. Barrage of Skankers
9. The Wehrmacht
10. Impala
11. Drink Jack!
12. Biermacht
13. Night of Pain
14. Fast as a Shark
15. Money Talks (w/ Scott Peterson)
16. United Shoebrothers

Sacred Reich were fun, but Phil Rind talks way too damn much. They played for 70ish minutes, and a ton of time was just Phil talking. He comes off as a nice and sensible dude though, and his voice is in badass shape (though his body certainly is not). He encouraged kids to stagedive, but just asked that no one go too close to him and the mic stand. And of course, some derpyass thrash baby runs up and yells "BALLSACK" in the mic when Phil steps away for just a second. Goddamn do I hate unintelligent thrash babies. Some morons got into a fight in the pit during Who's to Blame, so Phil stopped the song, yelled at those dudes and told those guys to quit it, and then started the song back up again. Seriously, there were so many stupid people at this show that it really made me miss home a lot. Overall, the songs themselves sounded pretty badass, but I just wish there was more. Only 70 minutes and a ton of not really doing anything onstage was a little disappointing. I jotted down the setlist as it happened, so this is for sure accurate.

1. The American Way
2. Independent
3. One Nation
4. Administrative Decisions
5. Love...Hate
6. Free
7. Ignorance
8. State of Emergency
9. Crimes Against Humanity
10. Who's to Blame
11. War Pigs
12. Death Squad
13. Surf Nicaragua

02-24-2013, 10:41 AM
Thanks for sharing. This made my day...

02-24-2013, 10:55 AM
I had a feeling this show would be full of idiots. :lol:

02-24-2013, 11:24 AM
I had a feeling this show would be full of idiots. :lol:

Seriously. If the Thrasho de Mayo lineup wasn't so good I'd skip it just to avoid what'll probably be a super shitty crowd.

02-24-2013, 12:08 PM
Wehrmacht and Sacred Reich? That's an insane lineup! I can't imagine how intense the Wehrmacht set must have been if they opened with Shark Attack. The only thing that is missing is Fretboard Gymnastics. The Sacred Reich set is awesome! I really wish I knew songs from The American Way when I saw them because they play a ton from that album. Hopefully stopping/starting Who's to Blame didn't mess things up too much, because that's easily one of their best songs.

Too bad about the crowd, but at least you got to see some awesome oldschool bands (and Witchaven, who I still have yet to check out).

02-24-2013, 01:36 PM
I was there. I heard Cryptic Slaughter was supposed to come out and do five songs in the middle of Wehrmacht's set, but they only did the one song with Scott. Oh well. I thought Sacred Reich sucked ass.

02-24-2013, 02:16 PM
I was there. I heard Cryptic Slaughter was supposed to come out and do five songs in the middle of Wehrmacht's set, but they only did the one song with Scott. Oh well. I thought Sacred Reich sucked ass.

Now that would have been amazing. But have Cryptic Slaughter done anything at all lately? I mean besides Scott Peterson, I don't even know what their lineup would be.