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02-18-2013, 09:47 AM

Ugly Noise
Iron Tears
Escape From Within
Swatting At Flies
Gitty Up
Play Your Part
Hard On You
No Place For Disgrace


Rise Up
More Than Meets The Eye
Burnt Offferings
Native Blood
True American Hate
Dark Roots Of Earth
Into The Pit
Practice What You Preach
Riding The Snake
Eyes Of Wrath
Trial By Fire
The Haunting
The New Order
3 Days In Darkness
The Formation Of Damnation

Overkill didn't play because of Bobby being sick. At least that's what I figured it was, all that was said is that there was an illness in the band. 4Arm played about 40 mins so both them and Flotsam played a little longer because of that. I have no idea why Testament didn't throw in an extra song though. We were the six show of seven in a row for them, so maybe they were just a little tired from all the travel without a day off?

I had never listened to 4Arm before this show but they just seemed like your standard, run of the mill thrash band. Nothing to special there. Flostsam did a pretty good job but I don't think Ugly Noise works right as a set opener. It's fine for a first track on the album but live it didn't translate well as the opener because of the slower moments it has. The crowd really got going during Hammerhead and Swatting At Flies maybe those should be moved to the start of the set instead. The pit was pretty good for the last two songs and overall the performance was solid and the audience enjoyed them. The singer made a comment about how they haven't been here in 10 or 15 years and mentioned two old venues went out of buisness here in the mid 90s. So It might be closer to 20 years since they've played here.

Testament was awesome. They've got a hell of a light show with a lot of strobes. So if you're sensative to that you might want to stay away from this tour. Well, you should still go but just close your eyes during the strobe stuff;) The main issue was the sound. This venue is one of the main places for acts of this size to play and the sound over the last three or four years there has been great. Last night it wasn't though. It might be a problem with Testaments sound and not the venue though. Both the bass and drums were up way too loud and were drowning out almost everything, Chuck's vocals being the main thing. It was so bad sometimes that even songs i've heard a hundered times and know all the words to, I couldn't even make out what Chuck was saying. I don't understand how the person who works the soundboard doesn't hear that and attempt to fix it? They should be fired because that is not the way verteran metal band like Testament should sound like live at this point in their careers. Seriously, if you had never heard some of the songs they played before last night, the songs would've just been a wall of noise to you. That's how bad the sound was.

I guess Chuck's voice is better since they put the three new songs back in which was great because I really wanted to hear those and they sounded as good as they could dispite the sound issues. Skolnick was fortunately not a victum of these sound issues as everything he played sounded great, especially the solos.

I'm still not sold on TFOD as the ender, it felt a little flat as the closer and the crowd didn't react to it like they thought it was the final song. Testament should be ending with an oldie that everyone likes. The crowd reaction was good for most of the show but it was the old stuff that really got the pits going and got the best reactions of the night. That's why I think something like The New Order or Trial By Fire should be moved to the closing spot. Those songs feel like show enders but TFOD doesn't.

Overall, they put on a great performance and the setlist and stage show both kicked ass but the sound issues hurt it a lot.

02-18-2013, 10:22 AM
Good review, but I'm really worried for tonight. I've seen Testament twice, and once had pretty good sound, and the other time had literally the worst sound of any band I've ever seen. Like you said, songs I know inside out were completely unrecognizable and I'm worried that will be the case again. With that said, the second time I saw them was actually the time they sounded better, so I think it's pretty hit and miss.

It's great to see Trial By Fire (I thought they dropped that at some point?) and all of the new songs back in the set. Even though Overkill have supposedly canceled the rest of the tour, I'm still excited for tonight. It sucks, but at least I'll get to see two killer thrash bands!

02-18-2013, 12:57 PM
I'm not sure what happened with the sound as this venue always has good sound. The last two times I saw Testament they played the same venue, in 2010 opening for Megadeth and in 2011 with Anthrax and both times they sounded better then they did last night. A band should never sound better as the support act then they do when they headline.

02-18-2013, 01:00 PM
Good review. That sucks Testament had some sound problems this tour, they sounded perfect at the Anaheim show, much better than Overkill, who sounded pretty good themselves.

02-18-2013, 01:11 PM
They sounded exactly like you said when I saw them on the Anthrax tour. It must depend on the venue, I guess...

02-18-2013, 08:07 PM
I don't get Formation as the closer either.

02-20-2013, 06:46 AM
I don't get Formation as the closer either.

It's a good song and nice to headbang to live but it just didn't feel right as the closer. Also, with the sound issues that night, Chuck's vocals were completely drowned out during the song due to how heavy it is.

I know I did a lot of complaining when it came to the sound. But I really did love this show and they blew away all expectations I had.