View Full Version : Anberlin -- Orlando, FL -- February 17th, 2013

02-17-2013, 11:17 PM
@ The Beacham, Orlando

Anberlin - Nearly flawless sound and performance, and you could tell they were beyond excited to get to play in front of their home crowd (or close enough to it), they played all of my favorites, including a song they haven't played in a long time, definitely go check out their tour! - 9/10

Paper Route - Recently became a fan, a great up and coming band, their sound was crystal clear, and their performance was solid, definitely need to check out more of their music - 7/10

All Get Out - I've never been so impressed by a band I'd previously never heard of, they sounded like a The Wonder Years/Thrice mix, great new band, check them out! - 8/10


1)Little Tyrants
2)Someone Anyone
3)Never Take
4)Other Side
5)I'd Like To Die
6)Type 3
8)Modern Age
10)Feel Good Drag
11)Godspeed :rocker:
12)Self Starter
13)(*Fin) :party:

Paper Route

1)Love Letters
3)Two Hearts
4)Better Life
5)Letting You Let Go
6)You and I
8)Are We All Forgotten
9)Dance On Our Graves

All Get Out

1)Me and My Lovers
2)Church Doors and Skeptics
3)Lucky Bastard
4)Son of Mine
5)Subject to Change
6)The Season
7)Let Me Go