View Full Version : Finch -- Pomona, CA -- February 9th, 2013

02-11-2013, 11:57 PM
Went with my gf to this show. Got to the venue when the last opener started playing. A band called fluf. They were boring for the most part. Had super cheesy lyrics named after food and stuff. One song was bout not dating scorpios cuz they be evil(funny to me and my gf cuz my cousin has been dating her best friend for 2 years+ and she's a scorpio) and another was about peanut butter. Anyhow they werent bad just bland.

Now Finch! They announced 10 year reunion shows for What it is to Burn for The Glasshouse(2/2 and 2/3) and both sold out immediately. Then they announced 2 more shows for the following week so of course we jumped on that and bought our tickets. This show was also sold out and once fluf left peeps started flooding The Glasshouse. Once Finch came on it was packed. From here on out it was pure swaying movement and bouncemania from the crowd. It was awesome. And everyone knew every line to every song. There were crowdsurfers but not like at a hardcore show just some here in there. Also they played all of Ender and it sounded atmospheric and perfect time to catch a breather. This was followed by a sick encore that included a nice Pink Floyd cover. They ended with What it is to Burn and the crowd let out all their energy. Everyone went bat shit crazy and here everyone wanted to crowd surf! Nate jumped onto the barricade and in the crowd so peeps could sing the lyrics. Then the show was over and the band thanked everyone. Amazing show, super fun.

New Beginnings
Letters to You
Post Script
Grey Matter
Perfection Through Silence
Awake :drool:
Without You Here
Stay With Me :D
Project Mayhem
Untitled :bowdown:
Three Simple Words :party:
Wish You Were Here :eek:
(Pink Floyd cover)
Worms of the Earth
New Kid
What It Is to Burn :rocker::drool::bowdown: