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02-09-2013, 02:35 AM
Outstanding show. Missed Ancient VVisdom due to interview Joseph from Pallbearer. Very cool and laidback dude.

Royal Thunder kicked ass, Mlny can seriously wail. They were a lot better than when I saw them as the Relapse Scion showcase last year before CVI came out.

Pallbearer was great, but their sound was kind of a wall of noise live. The vocals were on the quiet side, but other than that I liked their set a lot. I'm not too sure if they're the best thing since sliced bread like the Internet seems to have decided, but I did really enjoy the set. For the record, I like Sorrow and Extinction a good bit but I checked it out the same day I listened Psalm 9 by Trouble. Psalm 9 sounded like one of the heaviest, most malevolent and most evil pieces of sound I have ever heard and Sorrow and Extinction sounded just "good" in comparison. It was like having to listen to Fueled by Fire right after discovering Exodus for lack of a better analogy. I know they opened with Devoid of Redemption and closed with a new song, but I'm not 100% sure on the middle two.

1. Devoid of Redemption
2. Foreigner
3. The Legend
4. New song

Enslaved played one of the best sets I have seen in a good while. Their stage presence was fantastic, the sound was perfect and the songs were just fucking awesome. I went apeshit during Allfather Odin and life is now terrible since there isn't a decent sounding version of that song that isn't a YouTube bootleg. Band played for 1 hour and 50 minutes and the drum solo was only a couple minutes long.

2. Ruun
3. The Watcher
4. Thoughts Like Hammers
5. Ethica Odini
6. Roots of the Mountain
7. Materal
8. Convoys to Nothingness
9. As Fire Swept Clean the Earth
10. Allfather Odin
11. Immigrant Song
Drum Solo
12. Isa
13. Fenris

02-09-2013, 07:07 AM
cool report, bro!

Wall of Noise for Pallbearer is about right, IMO.

Looks like you got the entirety of Fenris? sweeet.

02-09-2013, 03:07 PM
My thoughts were the same for the most part. I enjoyed Pallbearer quite a bit. Vocals were a bit flat but I listen to them for their riffs. The new song was good.

Enslaved were great as usual. The crowd didn't seem as enthusiastic as the last two times I saw them so that was a little disappointing. Good selection of songs although I was hoping from another track off of Axioma like "Giants" or "Lightening". I was on the border of the pit the whole show but I got in there and went crazy for "Allfadr Odinn". Glad they still mix in their early material. "As Fire Swept Clean The Earth" was probably my highlight of the night. So epic.