View Full Version : The Bronx -- New York, NY -- February 4th, 2013

02-06-2013, 08:06 AM
Venue: Bowery Electric
Support: Hussle Club

Hussle Club (Incomplete, out of order setlist):
Children of The Underground
Electric Heart
Fuck Shit Up

The Bronx

Unholy Hand
White Tar
Shitty Future
Under the Rabbit
Along for the Ride
Too Many Devils
6 Days a Week
Youth Wasted
False Alarm
White Guilt
They Will Kill us All
Valley Heat
Heart Attack Americans
History's Stranglers

As Matt said to start the show, we were a bunch of "second place motherfuckers." The Bronx had planned a series of three record release parties, two in CA one in NY before they headed for Europe to tour. The NY date was to be Tuesday (date of record release) at the 200 capacity Bowery Electric on the LES. The show sold out so quickly that they added a second show on Monday night. We were so lucky.

My anticipation of the show was so high that I called it to be show of the year. A bunch of us packed in to this bar to see LA's finest rip the place apart, and that they did. The highlight of the set for me was 6 Days a Week>Youth Wasted>False Alarm>Knifeman>White Guilt. I was begging for False Alarm and got it, so fucking stoked about that still.

Anyway when we first walked in I grabbed the album and a nice shirt for $25. It should've been $35 but when I pointed out the mistake they said thanks for being honest and then sold my friend the same things at the same price.

The atmosphere was insane. The band spilled off the stage and into the crowd and the crowd was on stage at times. With a show this special everybody was friends for the evening. Such a great show, I had to write a review here. These guys are the best band in the business, glad I got to finally see them.

Skinny Juice
02-06-2013, 10:38 AM
These guys are the best band in the business, glad I got to finally see them.

Could not agree more. The Bronx are one of the best bands in music today. By a mile. Glad you got to catch that show! Can't wait until they do a full U.S. tour.

02-06-2013, 11:11 AM
did u see the bronx in the bronx