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12-14-2012, 09:47 PM
Well what the hell. I tried to start one of these last year but failed & deleted it. Whole lot has changed for me since last year so I figured I could pull one off this year instead. Been a pretty great year. As of September I am engaged & within a month or so we will be moving into our new house that's being built. Beats the hell out of the nightmare that was 2011.

I'll post some of the albums I loved or was just disappointed in and everything in between. I'll also list my shows from this year as well & offer a little review from them as well. And the new albums Im looking forward to in 2013 as well as the bands I've still yet to see & hope to in 2013.

First off its been another great metal setlist year. I always enjoy my time on here even though I haven't posted a ton for the 4+ years I've been on but I get a great deal of amusement from being on here. I've even had the fortune of meeting a couple of my Missouri/Kansas friends @ shows this year. I saw the myth that is Manky at the Anthrax/Testament/Death Angel in KC & a big thanks to Anonymous for giving me the hookup for the Cannibal Corpse show in Springfield & gettin me in for free.

I'll try to stay up on this best I can. Enjoy & hope everyone has a good 2013 as well.

12-17-2012, 09:27 PM
I'm gonna go though the concerts that I went to in 2012. This was probably the fewest amount I've been to in several years. Becoming more of a grown up has adverse effects.

1/26/12 - Anthrax @ Midland Theater

Show #1 was the Anthrax/Testament/Death Angel tour that is now going on about its 15th leg and will soon be headlining villages in Alaska by the time they are done. Anyway... I was looking quite forward to this. As often as DA is in KC this is the 1st time actually getting to see them. I had seen Testament once already on the American Carnage tour few years back and was really looking forward to them. Wanted to see more Anthrax. Seeing thrash legends opening up for Five Finger Death Punch will severely bum one out. Oh yes and might I add that I met the sexy beast that is Manky up there. He's totally wanted me since... But I digress. DA were great & I caught a setlist wrapped around a much needed water bottle. Testament stole the evening as far as I'm concerned, but It was easy to see why. Earth On Hell started & Eric Peterson came out and no Scott Ian. This was around the time that all the Anthrax issues started (sickness, death in the family, wife beating). All of Ian's fill-ins did very well. Sadly, I knew that its tough enough for Anthrax to decide to actually play fun sets as it is, with fill-ins I knew there was no chance of it. Anthrax was still really good but it didn't quite seem the same. Top to bottom still a great show. Good way to start 2012.


Yet another rap concert failure on my part. Cappadonna was supposed to do a small show in Springfield, MO. I got there after doors were supposed to be open & they were locked as he had not shown up yet. Eventually it started & by 12:30 am he still wasn't there. I've decided if your name isn't Public Enemy, Wu Tang or Ice Cube I'm not bothering w/ rap shows anymore.

3/14/12 - Dying Fetus / Goatwhore @ Rogue Pizza Company

What a killer show!!! 1st time seeing both bands & they both absolutely slayed. Too bad there were 7 bands on this bill. Ridiculous. Volumes played on this tour & this was some of the worst crap I've ever heard in my life. 30 seconds & then I was gone outside. Faceless decided to cancel, I was kinda interested in hearing them but maybe someday they'll turn up close to me. Goatwhore absolutely stole the show in my opinion. So much energy on such a small stage. Grabbed setlist from stage. Saw Sammy hanging out during Fetus' set & he was cool as shit. Dying Fetus was great too. Schematics was so killer to hear. I really wanna see them again do more stuff off the new album.


More shows to come.

12-17-2012, 09:41 PM
3/28/12 - GWAR @ Cains Ballroom

This is easily the best support that I've got to see GWAR tour with in the 6 or 7x I've seen GWAR. Ghoul opened & I absolutely loved them, they did a good job & getting the crowd damp for GWAR later on. I was most excited for Municipal Waste. I hadn't seen them since they opened the LOG tour 4 years ago. Best band if the night for me. I'd love to see them headline in a smaller place than the 2 big places I've seen them before. GWAR was GWAR. I was right up against railing & I didn't get very drenched @ all. They seem like they are doing less w/ their blood than what I've seen in the past. Kind of a tough deal, I have the utmost respect they are/were carrying on as a 4 piece but they just didn't sound the same. But for a tragedy like this it's tough to complain much. Who'd have thought that the saddest/most emotional thing I'd see all year was at a GWAR show? Before they did Road Behind (which I hope permanently stays) they brought Corey's guitar out & kept a spotlight on before, during & after the band left the stage. One of those chilling/goosebump moments that I'll never forget.