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12-04-2012, 10:11 AM
Norwegian singer JORN LANDE (MASTERPLAN, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, ARK, THE SNAKES) will release his new album, Symphonic, on January 22nd in North America and January 25th in Europe.

Symphonic is not a proper new album, but rather a selection of tracks taken from Jorn’s previous studio releases, which have been carefully selected by the Norwegian singer himself and painstakingly remixed in order to add a grandiose classical orchestra arrangement to the existing hard rock structure.”

Jorn commented: “I didn't want to choose the most obvious Jorn songs, as I didn't want this album to come out as a typical ‘best of’ release. Some songs that are not too typical in a Jorn context were chosen simply because some great songs often tend to be forgotten and therefore deserve a second chance.”

Symphonic also includes the unreleased cover version of DIO’s ‘Rock n’ Roll Children.

Jorn further commented: “I hope you will enjoy the album and maybe you will even rediscover some songs you had forgotten…”

‘I Came To Rock’ (sample (http://www.frontiers.it/m/uploads/audios/jorn_-_01_-_i_came_to_rock.mp3))
‘Rock And Roll Children’ (sample (http://www.frontiers.it/m/uploads/audios/jorn_-_02_-_rock_and_roll_children.mp3))
‘The World I See’
‘Burn Your Flame’
‘Man Of The Dark’ (sample (http://www.frontiers.it/m/uploads/audios/jorn_-_05_-_manofthedark.mp3))
‘My Road’
‘Time To Be King’
‘Black Morning’
‘Like Stone In Water’
‘Vision Eyes’
‘War Of The World’
‘Behind The Clown’
‘A Thousand Cuts’
‘The Mob Rules’