View Full Version : The Birthday Massacre -- West Springfield, VA -- November 29th, 2012

11-30-2012, 02:52 PM
This was the show that Chibi from The Birthday Massacre screwed up her knee

Full review (http://heavymetalcowboysteve.blogspot.com/2012/11/birthday-massacre-empire-11292012.html)

(A bit not metal, but some sort of electro/goth rock and Industrial which is def heavier than some of the stuff I see posted)

My Enemy Complete (local DC area band) was good, though their sound was a slower, more atmospheric and emotional one. Not bad. Guy had a guitar, but that coulda just been a backing track instead.

Creature Feature (Wednesday 13 meets Nightmare Before Christmas meets The Gothsicles)... I did not like them, though it seems like I should. Had one song about alphabetical obituaries that was kinda silly.

Aesthetic Perfection were great- industrial. no complaints. got the whole crowd jumping

William Control didn't like the lack of reaction at times from the crowd. I thought he was OK. Electronic something.

The Birthday Massacre was great...for the 40 minutes or so we heard before Chibi had to be taken to the Hospital. Great sound, great reaction, but she had to keep jumping up on the rail so she could see us/so that we could see her cause she's so short. She made comments about getting hurt, then was coaxed into sitting down for a couple songs, then the band left the stage (to return in a little bit). They came back and basically said she had to go to the hospital. And that the show was over

So basically that was a downer cause they were just about to play "Pins and Needles." But the plus was that we went home early and got SOME sleep. First show I've been to that a show had to be stopped due to an injury. I've seen Steven Adler wig out and get replaced by Joe Leste, Nightwish cancel the day of, other bands further off cancellations, and hurricane cancellations, but never something like this.


My Enemy Complete (7:25)

Silent Compromise

Creature Feature

Gorey Demise
? (more)

Aesthetic Perfection

The Devil's in the Details
One and Only
A Violent Emotion
Spit It Out

William Control (9:37)

New World Order (A New Kind Of Faith)
All Due Restraint
Kiss Me Judas
Beautiful Loser
Razor's Edge
I'm Only Human Sometimes

The Birthday Massacre (10:37- about 11ish)

Night Shift
Red Stars
Video Kid
Lovers End

11-30-2012, 05:27 PM
Damn I hope she's okay! I'm seeing them Sunday in Philly!:eyes:

11-30-2012, 08:43 PM
I've seen Creature Feature before. They are really meh.

12-01-2012, 06:12 AM
I've seen Creature Feature before. They are really meh.

You sir are right on the money there

12-01-2012, 06:13 AM
Damn I hope she's okay! I'm seeing them Sunday in Philly!:eyes:

They have been updating bookface with status and show updates, so def keep an eye on that- I think they took a night or and then delayed the next show or something...so you all may get a full set!