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The Colonel
11-27-2012, 11:47 PM
The venue was the Trunk Space, a tiny art space in Phoenix right next to a great dive bar called the Bikini Lounge. Making it even better is the fact that it's only about 5 minutes from our practice space. We arrived as the opening act, local black metallers Fanapth, was loading in, so we headed next door for a $3.50 pitcher. Fanapth must have only played for about 10 minutes, because they were done by the time I walked back into the venue.
Next up was Sleep Money, a local goth band that my friend Josh plays guitar in. This was my first time seeing them. They used a drum machine and the singer stood the whole time at a podium, where he appeared to be reading his lyrics. They were very influenced by Bauhaus, which isn't exactly my favorite thing in the world. Overall I thought they were good for their style, just not my cup of tea. I'm not familiar enough with their material to post a set.
My band, Sorrower, was up next. Despite being somewhat out of place on the bill, we did seem to have a pretty big crowd for our set. This was our third show since I've taken over on vocals, and the response has been pretty positive. I thought we played pretty good, despite fucking up royally on one of our new songs.

Sorrower setlist:

Died For Nothing
No Love Lost
Walking Corpse
To the Bone
Bleeding Out
Self Inflicted
Untitled New Song
Endless Struggle
Head In the Sand
The State Lottery (Propagandhi cover)

After us came my current favorite band in AZ, TOAD. This was my first time seeing them live in a few years, and they did not disappoint. They just finished recording a new LP, and played it in its entirety. They're unique hybrid of black metal, goth, and death & roll is great both live and on record. I can't even explain this band, they're so good and unique. They'll be touring once the new album comes out, go see them if they come near you!

TOAD setlist:

Taste of the Grave
Howling House
Boundaries of the Flesh
Endless Night

The final band of the night was Portland, Oregon's Atriarch. Lenny comes out to all of our shows in Portland, and Atriarch are great dudes in general, so we were pretty happy to play with them. I enjoyed their recorded material, but I thought they were so much better live. The vocals are mixed in a way that makes them blend with the music, creating an almost dizzying effect. The riffs are so heavy, and everything just locks together perfectly. If you're into doom metal, definitely go see this band. I'm not 100% sure of the setlist, but I have it at least partially right.

Atriarch setlist:


There may have been one more song, I'm not completely sure.

Overall, this was a great night. The turnout was fantastic for a Monday night, and everyone had a good time. The aforementioned $3.50 pitchers definitely helped, as did between band DJ sets by Dylan from Landmine Marathon, Josh from Sleep Money, Dave of TWiNGiANT, and myself. Good times were had by all.

11-28-2012, 12:45 AM
$3.50 pitcher?? :eek: That's awesome!

11-28-2012, 09:03 AM
$3.50 pitcher?? :eek: That's awesome!

11-28-2012, 11:32 AM
Sounds like you had a good time! Atriarch were beyond amazing here in Albuquerque. Like you said their sonic assault was dizzying and utterly hypnotic. Played the same set too.

11-29-2012, 10:50 PM

Damn, and I get excited for $3 beers lol

The Colonel
11-30-2012, 12:12 AM
Sounds like you had a good time! Atriarch were beyond amazing here in Albuquerque. Like you said their sonic assault was dizzying and utterly hypnotic. Played the same set too.

Yeah, it was a really fun show. I enjoyed them far more live than I did on record. Last couple shows I've been to in AZ have been a lot of fun. Seems like people are not as concerned with looking cool over having a good time anymore. I hope this trend continues!

11-30-2012, 12:43 AM
Damn, and I get excited for $3 beers lol

Same here! I always want to do a little dance when I get a $3 beer. I will do a little dance for a $3.50 pitcher hahaha