View Full Version : Dysrhythmia -- Albuquerque, New Mexico -- November 3rd, 2012

11-05-2012, 01:26 PM
Dog Shredder
1. Battle Toads
2. Battle Snake
3. Battle 07
4. (New Song)
5. Boss Rhino :drool:

1. In Secrecy
2. Test of Submission
3. The Line Always Snaps
4. Running Towards The End :drool:
5. In The Spirit of Catastrophe
6. The Madness of Three
7. Like Chameleons
8. In Consequence

11-05-2012, 01:30 PM
I really need to see these guys again, been awhile.

11-05-2012, 07:28 PM
I got meet & greet tickets for Cynic a couple years back (Masvidal is the nicest guy) and Intronaut + Dysrhythmia opened. I must say these guys have TALENT!!! Worthy openers for Cynic/Intronaut for sure.

I ended up hanging out with Intronaut after their set for a "smoke break" as well

Missed this show in Van a short while ago, would totally see them again!