View Full Version : Death Angel -- West Springfield, VA -- October 7th, 2012

10-15-2012, 11:10 AM
Full review:

Full night of thrash for $15, a lot of people there for this Columbus day weekend show.

Death Angel was GREAT. People kind of stopped moshing for the newer 3 songs (which I thought sounded great). But by that time, people may have been a bit thrashed out X___X.

Threat Signal was pretty cool, I thought they were going to be lame, but their rather tight, melodic 'modern metal' sound begrudgingly made me somewhat of a fan.

Bonded by Blood was very good, great energy.

Wretched was like The Black Dahlia Murder, but without the technical guitar work/solos. That is, energetic but not nearly as good as BDM

Threat Signal (missed them, except for 2 songs- nothing bad, but nothing memorable. Generic thrashy)

Yesterday's Saints- local band. Sounded decent. Vocals reminded me of Nevermore/Warrell Dane in his delivery.


Yesterday's Saints (730)

Gates of Valhalla
War Method
Insist on Pain
Divine Tragedy

Potential Threat (missed all but 2 songs)


Summerian Shambler

Bonded By Blood (9:27 - 10)

Immortal Life
In the Shadows
Among the
The Aftermath
Left behind

Threat Signal (10:14 - 10:43)

Beginning of the End
The New beginning

Death Angel (11:20 - 12:43)

Evil Priest
Voracious Souls
Kill as One
The Ultra-Violence (W/ snippets of Bark @ the Moon, Mario theme, Everybody Wants Some...unless this was during IPFS)
Mistress of Pain
Final Death
Relentless Revolution
Claws In So Deep
3rd Floor
Seemingly Endless Time
Thrown to the Wolves