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10-04-2012, 03:27 PM
Know Lyfe played first. I've seen them 4x in the past 3 weeks, but that's cool cuz they're excellent. They played a very similar set last night to their set on the 36 Crazyfists tour, but they added a new song as well. Give this band a listen. It's well worth it.

Know Lyfe setlist

Building an Empire
Veins and Vines
Ashes of a Funeral (new song)
Dixie Cup Dean
At the Tip of the Blade

Black Oxygen played next. They were sort of a different flavor for this show. They reminded me a lot of Black Stone Cherry mixed w/ Puddle of Mudd. Their guitarist could absolutely jam!

Taproot played next. I was surprised that they did not headline since this show was only about an hour from their hometown, but maybe Nonpoint is headlining every show on the tour. Anyway, their set was a lot of fun as usual. My only beef was that it was pretty much the exact same set that I saw them play in Warren, MI in August. I understand most bands keep the same setlist on every touring cycle, so I am not upset. Nevertheless, it would've been cool for me to hear 1 or 2 different tunes, like maybe more stuff off of their new CD called THE EPISODES, which I think is their 3rd best album (behind BLUE SKY RESEARCH & GIFT). The crowd sang extra loud during "Poem." That was really cool.

Taproot setlist

Path Less Taken
Good Morning
No Surrender
Again and Again
Release Me
The Everlasting

Nonpoint came up next. I've seen them at least 20, maybe 25x. Their live show never gets old. They just have so much stage presence & energy, and the crowd always goes off during their shows. Highlights of the show for me were songs that I haven't heard them play in a long time, like "Mindtrip," "Witness," and "Your Signs." To be honest, I wouldn't mind if Nonpoint & Taproot toured together constantly. I saw them together 3x back in 2001, and I'm psyched they're both still around. For me, those are 2 bands w/ staying power because they both continue to make solid albums, and their live shows are fantastic.

Nonpoint setlist

I Said It
What a Day
Your Signs
Left For You
Broken Bones
Hands Off
The Wreckoning
Bullet With a Name

10-04-2012, 04:04 PM
They're still playing the same set they did w/ Eye Empire? Hmm, regardless they're so good live, I can't wait to see them with Sevendust in Nov.