View Full Version : Melvins -- Cleveland, OH -- September 25th, 2012

09-25-2012, 09:11 PM
Venue: The Grog Shop
Source: Me

Eye Flys :blaze:
Captain Pungent
Berthas :rocker:
National Hamster
Worm Farm Waltz
Leon vs. the Revolution
Mr. Rip Off
A Growing Disgust
A History of Drunks
Baby, Won't You Weird Me Out
Holy Barbarians
Let Me Roll It
Set Me Straight :D
Deserted Cities of the Heart (Cream cover)
Sky Pup
Electric Flower
Inner Ear Rupture

This was the 21st show of The Melvins 51 shows in 51 states (DC included) in 51 days Guinness world record attempt. This tour they are technically Melvins Lite as they are a three piece with Trevor Dunn on stand up bass.

I've seen The Melvins three times before and this show was special since I grew up with them as a three piece and have only seen them with the Big Business guys. I like both versions, but I'm glad I've now seen them as a three piece.

The hour and a half they played was intense, raw, brutal and fun. The new songs were sweet live. The Grog was pretty packed and random pits broke out all night.

Tweak Bird opened and played a good set. They were a two piece (guitar and drums) band that was very Melvins-y.

09-26-2012, 05:53 AM
The hour and a half they played was intense, raw, brutal and fun.

I finally had a chance to see them for my first time in April and found the same thing. They are so intense and really heavy live. I will definitely be seeing them again. One of my favorite shows this year.